Friday, January 11, 2008

open thread--input needed

i am looking for some guidance. this is going to be a busy year for all of us- i am optimistic that this country is going to 'go green' and realize it isn't optional. couple that with this being an important election year- well, it's going to be busy. i need to know from my loyal readers- what kind of format would you like to see? i want to share info with everyone as i get it- and short of posting 800 posts a day- i guess i want to know 1) how to best utilize the sidebar and make it user friendly and 2) should i do daily posts on specific topics and limit the number of posts a day to like 5? or 3) should i do semi-weekly or weekly posts on subjects?

for example- should i do a daily environmental post on info- or should i do a twice a week segment featuring different aspects of green living- or just a once a week environment post? and do you like links on the side- or tag clouds that take you to many links on one topic? you all read lots of blogs and info daily- i want to spread the word on environmental info that works- and other info- but i don't want it to get buried either.

personally, unless i really know the blogger, i usually only read 3-5 posts in. and the sidebar- i rarely go below halfway- is that a fair assessment of others? so- i am putting out the feelers. let me know what you think- it's a new year.


Ingrid said...

I have a permie blog you could contribute to as well instead! LOL naah..keep it inhouse..seriously, I've been feeling freed up with no more classes to take and need to post again on environmental issues as well. I started out writing about nuclear energy and boy, what a response that got! I do hope, (and actually trust that you would)that you do look into some sensitive topics because I think realistically, some environmentalists need to not dismiss EVERYthing thinking that the sky is going to fall. When all is said and done, we're going to go through our next ICE period and begone regardless..thank you National Geographic documentary!! (well, I think it was them anyway)
Ok, seriously, I think that if you even devote one post a week with an environmental topic, that that would be plenty. I have saved quite a few links (only to be lost amongst all those links I saved, sigh) with connective thoughts. What I mean to say is that it can be time consuming writing an informative piece as it is not solely opinion based. I think you need to provide more facts and figures and examples so make it easy on yourself and just try one. You can always ramp up the volume later,

Spadoman said...

Grasshopper, only you can walk your path. You know what your heart is telling you. Do what it says.

I read my friend's blog

She does a very good job

Her heart does not lie