Thursday, January 24, 2008

dennis k. drops out

i am ok with dennis dropping out- i know you are all relieved that he got my permission :)- because i think he is needed in the house. someone needs to take on pelosi- and apparently, dennis needs to be there to do it. it is going to be a tough race for him- in the ohio primaries. ohio isn't known for fair voting practices. and i wouldn't put it past the dems to do some fanagling to get rid of the thorn in their side. thank you dennis k. for giving progressives everywhere a voice. ohio- you should think twice about not voting for him.

of course now i have to figure out who to vote for. sigh. none of the 3 are my faves. i am thinking edwards off the cuff- although i am not crazy about his healthcare plan or his lack of enthusiasm for civil unions. both are domestic issues- and i think him taking on big corporate makes him unpopular to the status quo- so john edwards it is. let hill and barack duke it out- edwards has my vote in the primary.


Brother Tim said...

I'm with you there, Betmo. I really hate to see him go, but the Chimpromised MSM and the DNC Royalty wouldn't allow him to go the distance. Now he can devout more time to 'stirring the pot' in the House.

Larry said...

The good ones are silenced while the rest run rampant over our rights and our lives.

Sarah said...

I knew Kucinich didn't stand much of a change, but I still supported him. I've yet to decide who to back now, because I'm not a big fan of Clinton or Obama. Edwards has a positive message, maybe I should look more into his campaign.

That political quiz thing said I agreed with him 56% of the time : )

TomCat said...

Betmo, although I was not happy with some of his actions as a Presidential candidate, I fully agree that we need Dennis in the House, fully support the call for impeachment he intends to make Monday, and hope he wins reelection top his House seat.