Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a breath of fresh air

well written and- words cannot convey- just read it

grassroots reseeded: suites vs. streets


an average patriot said...

I read it and it is so true. I really hope we at the grassroots can make a difference. That is what I have come to believe it is all about.
I have faith that we the people will nominate Obama but I fear the delegate system. All the grassroots efforts in the world are worthless if the delegates and electoral College are set to vote for someone who is not the peoples popuar choice.
I do not trust this system. It is set uop today to overide the popular vote more than ever.

Chris in Seattle said...

I read halfway through and well.....

No one said or did diddly while Kucinich and Edwards got black-balled and run out of the race. What does the DNC reeeeeeally do? I mean for us? ???

betmo said...

that's a fine question- and it is why i don't give anyone money anymore. i haven't for some time. i guess for me- just having other folks- regular volunteers giving a damn- was heartening. after this round of elections- i am changing my affiliation to independent. i threatened to after the 2006 elections- but pelosi, reid and the rest- convinced me like no gopper ever could to jump ship. i just wonder how many dems like me are leaving the party due to those short sighted neocons in dem's clothing?