Friday, October 19, 2007


Genesis keeps running through my head- 'throwing it all away.' no one wants to hear another 'poor me' rant out of this mouth, so i will try real hard not to lean that way. Quite a few of my posts over the last few months have been sad ones because i am mourning the loss- not just of my country but of my planet as well. I have a feeling that lots of folks feel this way because they are leaving the blogging world in droves, and indeed, i entertained the thought of just running away. But i didn't. Why? You may ask- it isn't like one blog can change the world. Well, that's probably true but i can influence and support on average 20 folks plus all of those who do google searches- each day. What if one person from argentina ran across my post and it was a post about saving the environment? Or prosecuting war criminals here in america? Of working together to hold the guilty accountable? That person could tell another person that there were some folks in america who didn't have their heads jammed up their asses. so- i blog. I blog so that folks like granny and enigma and chuck and dan and all of my other buddies know i am out there. So that they know that there are at least 2 of us at any given time trying to change the world. I am sad, so sad that my life is irrevocably changed. That the 'american dream' is just that and that this planet may not hold out another generation to be saved. But i have a choice- i can either fight and make a difference- or i can curl up in a ball and pretend like nothing has changed. I choose the former. Are you with me?
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Larry said...

It only takes one voice to make a difference to someone elseand that is how power and change spreads.

Chuck said...



Carol Gee said...

There is something satisfying to come up in a Google search, isn't there? That is part of the magic of the blogosphere. The other part is people like larry and chuck, and the countless others who identify with your sadness while continuing to blog . I am with you, betmo.

fjb said...

Like Chuck said: Solidarity.

I've been smashing my head against the brick wall of apathy for 5 years now starting with forums then on to blogging. I lost a computer over it back at the beginning, when I was naive about all things internet and learned the hard way why some call it the wild west. There's a lot of haters out there. It didn't stop me then, and it won't stop me now. I'm too damn stubborn and firmly believe that most human beings will eventually remove their firmly embedded heads from up their own asses and get it right.