Friday, October 19, 2007

environmental update

well, i thought i would be talking about how i cut back all of my plants and harvested all of my veggies- and spread my wonderful bin of compost over the ground to soak in over the winter- but i can't. you see- it's still summer here in new york. we have had perhaps 4 or 5 days where it could have been considered 'fall' and then the rest of the time- from mid-july through to now- 70-90 degrees, hot, hazy, and humid. sprinkled with thunderstorms of course. the leaves on the trees are in various stages of green and brown- no lovely foliage here this year- except for a few rogue sugar maples. my rose bush is still growing and there are green peppers still on the vine in pots on my front porch. yes, mild winters are cyclical and so are droughts- i guess i wonder how many years a cycle is 'cause here in new york we get 2 months of hard winter and the rest is this quasi-damp, humid crap- for about the last 5 years. whether it's nature or man-made, we still need to do what we can to clean up our own lives and spread the word to others to do the same. we may not be able to change the whole world- but we can change ourselves and the way we live.

addendum: scarlet witch alerted me to george will's post in newsweek magazine. change takes time and if we don't move now- we may not have a hospitable place to live in a generation. this didn't happen over night and the changes necessary to reverse it as best we can won't happen overnight. a bit of alarmism is necessary for folks to get the word out- and now we have to act. having to fight off people like bjorn lumborg and george will only slows us down.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"yes, mild winters are cyclical and so are droughts- i guess i wonder how many years a cycle"
That's the same question I want answered, and the only answer I've gotten so far is "We're not sure." At least it was an honest answer.

Scarlet Witch said...

I saw your post at BWR. Have you read George Will's "Last Word" in this week's Newsweek? I think you'll find it interesting.

dawn said...

Girl I am with you, this has been the most bizarre fall we have ever had but I'd think you being from Bing. you'd welcome the mild because the winters are harsh up there. Have a good weekend and if you need me e-mail. Hugs!

betmo said...

holy crap sw- i almost had an apoplectic fit! why do they continue to trot this bjorn lumborg out when he has been discredited? the argument is- there is no argument. the arctic isn't just about the polar bears- but apparently, will and the rest of the right wing simpletons who buy into that theory can't grasp that. the arctic melting will have an enormous impact on the earth's temperature and that in turn effects crops, water supply, etc. it's all linked.

ok- i took a deep breath. thanks for the article. it just shows what the world is up against.

Scarlet Witch said...

Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Ol' George Will. I think his tie is too tight.

I was going to blog about that article, but I decided you'd have something better to say after reading your post.

I am SICK of this heat!!! My kids will have to trick or treat dressed as Olympic swimmers if it doesn't let up.

Larry said...

I travel the country constantly and can easily see such a change in the climate that only a troll driven society could see different.