Friday, October 12, 2007

my hometown

binghamton, ny

so, i did a post on artists when i started this blog. it had more to do with activism than anything else- but my little corner of the world got some nationwide attention through marla olmstead, the alleged child protege and future jackson pollock. charlie rose and cbs did an expose on her- and it wasn't flattering. most recently, a documentary was made surrounding the hoopla and was reviewed in slate magazine. i urge you to listen to the mp3 or podcast of the 2 reviewers- not necessarily for the movie review but for the slicin' and dicin' they give to another local charlatan- i mean artist. i believe the phrase 'font of bullshit' was bandied about quite a bit and i chuckled. this is proof positive that 'all politics are local.'

enjoy a bit of the boss- and if anyone has listened to magic- let me know how it is.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"charlie rose and cbs did an expose on her- and it wasn't flattering."
Better that than a Fundie sex ring expose, which seems all the rage lately.:)

WeezieLou said...

been to binghampton. it has it's charms. went to explore the SUNY, but went elsewhere

Renegade Eye said...

In the movie at a gallery opening Marla said, "My brother painted that one."