Monday, October 22, 2007

the divided states of americorporatocracy

i'm pretty sure it's official- the corporate raiders have taken over america and destroyed our democracy. make no mistake, there isn't one aspect of your life that they don't control- water, food, shelter, transportation, jobs, finances, media- you get the idea. they may not control when you go to the bathroom- but that's coming too. you see- it's all about the profits and profits in turn allow folks to buy unlimited power- which is what we are seeing right now. why would americans betray america for something as crass as power and money? you tell me. all i know is- they have successfully done it. why do you think bush can laugh his way through press conferences or cheney can dictate to iran that he will NOT ALLOW then to have nuclear capabilities? i mean really- what the hell difference does it make if iran bombs the shit out of us anyway? our country is a dead one. they are cross cutting forests faster than you can say 'timber!', strip mining coal, digging up the alaskan reserve- and our economy really belongs to china, britain and japan anyway.

what started this little gem of a tirade?

nasa mum on plane data that might scare you-- here's what got me:

An unprecedented national survey of pilots by the U.S. government has found that safety problems like near collisions and runway interference occur far more frequently than previously recognized. But the government is withholding the information, fearful it would upset air travelers and hurt airline profits. (emphasis mine.)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

See This for further in depth information.

Renegade Eye said...

Just think if the Iranian Kurds, rise up, and join Turkish and Iraqi, if the US attacks Iran.