Tuesday, October 23, 2007

candidate tuesday

thought i would pick a day and highlight the candidates regularly. now, i have all of the democratic contenders in the sidebar with a couple of other goodies too, so feel free to come and click away at your leisure. my thought is this:

if you can't or won't do anything else in fighting the corporate toadies in power, the very least you can do is vote. in order to vote, you should be informed- so please avail yourself of the links provided to make a reasonable informed choice. not to be high horsey- but it's one of the last civil liberties we have and it's our duty as citizens of this country to exercise our right to vote. when you have people on the right declaring that the constitution is 'quaint' along with the geneva conventions- and insulting the declaration of independence- at least go and vote against them. even if it's only a symbolic gesture.

highlight of the day- dennis kucinich. his campaign is here.

dfa 2008 straw poll and candidate highlights

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