Tuesday, September 18, 2007

vote for your country

All over the internet i hear the same refrain- dennis kucinich or chris dodd would make a great president- but he doesn’t have a chance. Why? Aren’t you going to vote for him? If all of us who aren’t voting for clinton or obama or edwards- voted for kucinich or dodd- why wouldn’t they win? We talk about wanting change ad nauseum around the blogosphere- but it won’t come unless we make it happen. Take the time- learn about the candidates- vote for change- and don’t buy into the money machine. We saw it happen in 2006. the rethuglicans out monied the dems in some states by a large margin and got their asses handed to them. If we have to do it to our own party, hey that’s the way democracy works. Don’t just vote for the big three blindly. Get to know all of the other candidates. Dodd’s stand on restoring habeas corpus and the constitution sounds good to me. Kucinich’s voting record has checked out with me for at least a decade- i looked it up. Both men seem honest and intelligent- which is what we NEED!!!! not the fucking faith and family values bullshit that is forced down our throats at every turn. I want a candidate who isn’t afraid to stand up for a woman’s right to choose; a gay couple’s right to marry; the right of this country to have its constitution back and intact; the end to the quagmire in the middle east and a restoration of diplomacy. I am not getting that vibe from the status quo, plastic frontrunners. Take a look- and vote for your country.

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Granny said...

I've decided to go with Dennis K in the Primary. Wouldn't that be an interesting 4 years if, by some miracle, he won?

I was for Bill Richardson and wouldn't be upset to see him take it (just very surprised) but he's said a couple of things I don't think he thought through.

betmo said...

i don't vote for anyone who puts faith ahead of the constitution. i don't vote for anyone who is against a basic civil liberty- gay folks being able to marry with the same rights as anyone else- and i don't vote for anyone who is 'pro-life' which is just another way of saying fundamentalist christian. edwards went out into the ether and i don't care for richardson's gay marriage stance. dodd seems to be a good looker as does kucinich. they will get my scrutiny over the next few months but they are my front runners.

Larry said...

If either one makes it to my primary I will vote for one of them.

Gracie said...

I love Dennis - it's a shame the media doesn't play fair with the candidates.

enigma4ever said...

thanks betmo..for trying to get people to remember that we can still make a difference..and to think outside the box....my main problem is that I have studied all of them and there are pieces of most of them that I like...or love,,,,Dennis, Kucinich, Richardson....but I also like parts of Edwards and Obama ( my son likes Obama)....so I am torn..but the good thing is I keep reading them,...all of them( well, except Hill- I am just not swept up by her at all..and today with the "tax Credits" for people for healthcare are you jokin"????lordy)

Daniel said...

Hey, guys and gals, why don't you get rid of your corrupt, anachronistic political system and start again?

Patching up a house that's eaten out with termites is a waste of time. Better to knock it down and start again I reckon!

betmo said...

daniel- alas, revolution isn't in the cards at the present moment. it is hard enough to get people to freakin' vote- let alone scrap the whole thing and start over. i work with what i have- and it is like patching old socks with nothing.