Wednesday, September 19, 2007

catching up

i realize that i never posted pics of my lovely new furniture. and i haven't posted about the cats in forever- so here goes both. they have a knack of taking right over :) the yellow couch was here when we first moved in- and i suspect for years before. we have lived here 11 years- so it was a pretty decrepit couch.

this is why i kept it covered. it is circa 1974

it is especially bad when the 3 of us are crowded in one chair. they like to sit with me in my chair. :)


Granny said...

I'm down to one cat and a visitor who shows up every morning for a snack.

Both of them make themselves at home and our cat tolerates neighbor cat until he (altered male) tries to drink out of "her" toilet. Then it's all out war. I had to throw a small pillow at my cat yesterday to break it up long enough for neighbor cat to escape the bathroom and run.

Cats are so strange.

Ingrid said...

when I see that last couch I think, maannn.. what a great couch to take a nap on! PERFECT!!
(what me tired??lol)

Larry said...

I don't blame the cat, I would lounge on that nice sofa also.

enigma4ever said...

Hmmmmmm sofa....and hmmm nice comfy chair...when I come back next life as a kitty I know where I am heading...( the sofa is lovely- the new looks like such a soft cozy warm chocolate...)

( You cats are so beautiful....and like they are very happy with the new cats always are..)

Carol Gee said...

betmo, love your feline friends and fluffy furniture.
Does the black and white one use the remote?

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Hey b, love the new furniture. very nice! I would say it was about time for the old couch to go. when I first moved out, I got my own stuff. the more I thought about lounging on someone else's couch, the less I liked it. I have had the same furniture now for years and just take very good care of it.

with such big puffy furniture and a great mommy I am not surprised the kids want to lounge with you. My futon creaks when I get in it at bedtime, and Miss Tiger knows that has become pet the kitty time so pretty soon I have a visitor wanting some attention.

have a great week, b.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I had a couch like that and I slept on it for over 8 years and boy was it comfortable.

And though it wasn't in the shape yours was in the springs started coming through and I finally had to get rid of it.

My boss bought a new living room set and I got his old couch. It has recliners on both ends and is fake leather.

The one problem I have with it is the fact it is a little shorter in length due to the extra wide sides and it is not as deep. So I have less room {not much}to sleep on now.

Nice new furniture you got now though.

Also good looking cats.

God Bless.

fjb said...

Wait until they find the backs of the new couch and chair are mighty comfy, too!