Saturday, September 15, 2007

daily blurb

i write a daily blurb at the sirens chronicles now. it is usually a snippet with some newsy clip- you know kind of like here? only different because i am attempting to post different things instead of cross posting. so- check it out. at the very least you can read someone else if you don't like my post :) be sure to check out the forum too.


Ingrid said...

Betmo, I have been awol pretty much since school began. I had such hopes of posting every day but sometimes, I just feel I have nothing to say. Well, nothing that's 'new'. I have posted some though but not as frequent as I thought. The flip side, I haven't visited my blogger buds either. I'm still going around doing errands, getting something organized, preparing for being a campfire leader .. good for you to keep at it with the sirens. they have a great message and women collaborators are such a strong force, like the sirens. I'll put a link on my austin permie site this weekend so it is easier to 'hop in'. Right now, I'm recuperating from a night backstage of the Killers at the Austin City Limit festival.. was a long night.
Also, I think you have a great 'voice' (figuratively speaking) and you are one of the people I feel I can count on being outspoken yet not abrasive. Opinionated, but not dismissive. Well, and IF you have to be dismissive, it's for good reason, HA!
alrightie, better swoop over to the sirens and see what you've got to say there..

Larry said...

I always read your posts on both sites.

Chuck said...

"my thought is that everything needs to shut down"


It would be great if you could go HERE to this new blog, grab their banner and advertise a click thru for them. I put one up on the top right of my blog to help spread the word.

One of the guys, Demeur, is a net friend of mine.

And any of you other readers here- feel free! :)

Anon-Paranoid said...

Unfortunately the majority of Americans need to work. They can not afford to take off time from their jobs and stay home.

If it were possible though I think everyone would have too stay home for more than a day or two.

A month may do it as it will hit the corporates right where it hurts the most. In their bank accounts.

Maybe than we could begin to get our country back.

God Bless.

enigma4ever said...

I read your posts at both places....usually I just comment here...hope that is okay..Keep matters..