Wednesday, August 01, 2007


there's a new feature on the ole' blogger- in the layout section- you can put polls on your sidebar. i thought it great fun to try it out. you can pick any question that you want- the only problem i had with my template was getting it to fit properly. oh well. so i guess i was a little surprised at the results. not at the nos- i always expect someone will say no- i guess i was stymied by the undecideds. if anyone can shed some light on that one- i would appreciate it. perhaps it was the way i worded the question.

anyhoo- i have to say that i am hooked on a new show on fx- called damages. if you haven't checked it out- ooohhh!!!! shame on you! :) good stuff. glenn close at her best. the rest of the cast is pretty good too- although i have to admit that there are 3 characters i could do without- and thankfully they are killing off one. anyhoo- it's a psychological thriller combined with law- and ted danson had a really icky sex scene with a hooker. that kind of freaked me out. with so many piss poor choices out there on the boob tube- this is a breath of fresh air- like my deadwood show. sigh. all good things must come to an end. check it out!

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