Tuesday, July 31, 2007


eight revelations about myself- as i have been tagged by the talented south by southwest blogger- carol. she also has 2 other blogs- so check her out- she is interesting and creative in her blogging- and is a great blog buddy of mine. check her out.

1) i hate throwing up. i avoid it at all costs- unless i really, really can't. not that anyone enjoys it particularly- but i really hate it.

2) i only take naps when i am sick. i can't sleep during the day otherwise.

3) i am a creature of habit and love routine. it is a comfort to me. for all of my railing against the machine- i like to do it at a certain time each day :)

4) i hate hot and humid. i have never liked it. i don't mind bundling up- but i detest sweating.

5) i won't drink coffee without milk and sugar- or splenda. if the coffee is in any other configuration than that- i won't touch it. doesn't matter if i have to prop my eyelids open with a toothpick.

6) i don't particularly like weddings. the folks who invite are doing so out of kindness- but i hate not knowing people and making small talk. come to think of it- i hate small talk. and summer weddings. an fyi to all of you future brides and grooms- outdoor summer weddings suck for everyone involved- except you two. everyone is hot and just want the damned thing to be over. and- no- you all aren't special- i have heard all kinds of ways to give the same damned vows. do us all a favor and have the officiator give the quick version. thanks.

7) i am not always a cranky old fart (like my buddy dan'l). i am, for the most part, pretty even keeled and content. i have certain triggers- and those are the ones i tend to blog about.

8) i liked the harry potter books and am amazed at the number of critics who have lit into rowling for her ending. get over it. she ended it the way she envisioned it- not you. these books are for kids- not you. millions of kids around the world got turned on to reading again- because of harry. isn't that the bottom line?

carol honey, i won't tag anyone this go round- i am not really still up to my old self. i hope i am in fighting form for the inlaws :)


DivaJood said...

Oh, Betmo, I haven't finished the last Harry Potter book yet - so I don't want to know how it ends.

Larry said...

Very interesting Betmo, now we know you a little better.

Peacechick Mary said...

I don't know anyone who says, "Geeze, I live to throw up and do it whenever I can!" Glad you aren't doing that anymore and hope you are feeling a lot better. Do you have some gator aide or one of the mineral replacement solutions? Might perk you up.

Mariamariacuchita said...

well, dear, we all hate outdoor weddings in the summer!
and I never nap either. Afraid I might miss something.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Thank you, Admiral Halsey!:)

"My" (and any man who claims that for real is lying thru his teeth) wedding was one of those outdoor garden things, in California.

I was granted two wishes, and they were: 1)If the ceremony starts before 7 PM I'm not going, and 2) If the ceremony lasts more than 15 minutes I'm walking out!:P The last I warned the Minister of, with a straight face, and I found out later the poor man took me serious!:) But it started "on time", and he brought it in on time.:) We danced the night away under a cool California sky, and sweatbands weren't required!

Carol Gee said...

betmo, I just this minute discovered this meme. Thanks for your kind words and recommendation of my blogs.
What interesting revelations - makes me glad I tagged you. To compare us - I can take a nap without being sick, in fact, too easily. I also detest sweating, and blown hair. My coffee needs milk. And I am so glad you said what you did about weddings; I identify. Peace!