Thursday, July 12, 2007

what's that smell?

bush admits admin leaked plame's name

al quaida is in pakistan- and stronger than ever

so- let's see- bush knows that the executive branch is responsible for leaking valerie's name, and we know where al quaida is (not iraq). but this is the response we get:

bush rejects calls for change in iraq

"President Bush on Thursday acknowledged publicly for the first time that someone in his administration likely leaked the name of a CIA operative, although he also said he hopes the controversy over his decision to spare prison for a former White House aide has "run its course."

"And now we're going to move on," Bush said in a White House news conference."

boy, wouldn't we like to move on bushling. wouldn't we like to.


Larry said...

Bush was supposed to bring all those morals and ethics to the country, claimed if anyone in his administration leaked this name they would be fired.

Why is Rove/Cheney still employed.

Why are Rove/Cheney not in prison for outing a CIA agent?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The world gets more confusing every day. I see Al Quaida strength levels are the highest since 9/11, water carry gerbils have "gut feelings" we're gonna get attacked....

I don't understand it. We've been fighting the terrorists that bombed the twin towers, we've stayed the course, we've gave it more time, we're winning......haven't we?

Larry said...

Bush is looking to attack Iran and possibly Syria, he has plans to tear down the borders and create the North American Union, with different currency, different laws, further outsourcing of U.S jobs and security to boot.

What happened to America?

Sornie said...

Sniff, sniff. Smells like time to ruthlessly crush, indict, impeach, call for resignations and fire people until all the guilty are unemployed, behind bars or both. Although it still wouldn't make up for the damage done in the past six-plus years.