Friday, July 13, 2007

open thread friday

this particular topic has been on my mind for quite some time. i have been thinking about it in the context of the elections and blogs- and my own life. there is no doubt that i lean left but i am a more to the middle lefty because i have some very definite conservative views as well. i guess that would put me as a centrist or moderate. now, it is very easy sport to rail and rant against the neo cons and the right. their storm trooper mentality makes easy pickings. i also lump folks together--on purpose-- to make a point- and that gets me into all sorts of trouble. i am just going on record as saying- yes, i know that people are different and that not all right wing folks are neo cons, and not all christians, muslims, jews, hindus believe the way that the christian right does, and i am aware that there are some decent conservative folks out there. i know. i choose to lump people together on purpose- to make them think. doesn't matter if you agree with me. i just want you to think about and question your own beliefs and not just follow the crowd blindly.

having said that- i will say this. i feel the same way about the left. exactly. i am not in lockstep with the democratic party. i don't contribute funds to the democratic party. to quote our preznit, "i do believe" that left wing christians are just as harmful to america as right wing. i do think that the left is behaving as hypocritically as they possibly can with their regressive thinking patterns, use of fear tactics and propaganda, and their 'inclusiveness clause.' hey, if you aren't wearing your heart on your sleeve and it ain't bleedin'- you aren't part of the left. so, i am here to put the left on official notice- i will rail and rant against you too. see- i am a patriot. i am interested in fighting for what is best for america and more importantly--- the rest of the planet. i will expose your inadequacies and your inconsistencies. the left isn't better than the right if we are using regressive thinking. we are supposed to be progressive. moving to the right to appeal has only made us like them. i suppose that's ok because the left wants to be 'all inclusive and politically correct.'

not in my world. if you folks on the left aren't comfortable with me pointing out the same types of things i point out in the right, fair notice, don't read here. i don't sugar coat and i won't run from the truth to spare your feelings. now is not the time for singing kumbaya. it is a time to fight for the american constitution and saving the planet. if you aren't on board that bus, left or right, then sayonara.


dawn said...

Hey B whats the song you put your right foot, you put your left hand in and shake it all about. People will love ya no matter what. Have a great weekend

Time said...

Obviously you have seen me do the same thing, but I have to admit that's it's easier, and more fun to pick on the right. They set themselves up for it, especially the neocons. Bush/Cheney are so bad, it's endless material on how not to be leaders.

betmo said...

time- it's having a battle of wits with unarmed people.

Larry said...

I like what you had to say, and frankly I agree.

If Pelosi and Reid continue to enable Bush and his wars, then they need to go, so we can get him out.

It doesn't matter which party it is these days, Corporate dollars fit into the pockets of spineless Democrats, just like it does the war loving Repugs.

We need a major political revolution to clean out the hypocrites, and install people who haven't forgotten what it is like to be poor, worried about your job, or your country.

Carol Gee said...

betmo, here's how I am a lefty. I think the nation should be able to afford to underwrite health care for kids. They are good investments in the future, and didn't get to choose the income level of their parents. Of course, we can't do that now because of the sinkhole of Iraq.

And I am a nut for free speech, civil liberties, and nonpartisan judges. In other words, this lump of liberals, to which I belong, seems more open and even handed that than the worst of the righties. I, too love to generalize. Very thought provoking post, b. Thanks.

Brother Tim said...

When it comes right down to it, there isn't a whole lot of difference between Democrat and Republican. They're all out to rape the treasury and fill their own coffers. The Declaration of Independence states, it is our DUTY to replace this government with one that will serve the people.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Labeling" is one of the worst faults the left has. "I'm this." "I'm That." Then of course, we just HAVE to put a label on everybody else. "He's this." "He's That." As if the problem needed to be made worse, then each "label" creates a definition of what you "Have to do" in order to be this." And a grand finale to the whole thing: Labels start fighting with each other: "No, you have to do this if you want to really be this...."

You were spot on, a few posts ago. The left needs to pull their head out of their ass before they can ever hope to accomplish anything positive for this country. Right now, they're far too busy making, and defending their labels. Then, a group gang bang is held on BushCo, and they've "accomplished" something. Bullshit! Accomplishing something is making damn sure the Reich Wing spares in congress who call themselves the left, doesn't ever get back in there again. THEN...we can start marching against the Reich Wing and actually accomplish something. I'm tired of all the window dressing. Show me the bottom line!

JollyRoger said...

I used to be a middle roader. I'm not anymore. I'm born-again lefty radical. Like Ed Schultz, marrying someone with strong liberal views helped to hasten a journey I was already on.

I believe in universal healthcare, and I believe in access to education all the way through college if you are qualified. These things I see as prudent investments in the future of the country.

I believe that we need a national infrastructure project on the scale of the Marshall Plan.

I believe that the best way to keep jobs here in America is to enact a sliding-scale income tax for American CEOs and Board members. The more you import from overseas, the more of your income the Government gets. No loopholes, no deductions for charity giving.

I strongly believe that eco-friendly ventures should be subsidized to get them off the ground, and I believe just as strongly that those who persist in a love of fossil fuel consumption should be penalized out of existence. I believe that when a corp is found to be a polluter, officers of that corp should do some hard time. Slap on the wrist fines are a joke.

I believe that Government should insist on the doubling of fuel efficiency standards within 7 years. When that milestone is reached, let's do it all over again. I believe that there should be a tax on gasoline that will go to funding mass transit, even though I will suffer mightily from such a tax.

Daniel said...

Hey, Betmo! That's really laying it on the line.

I agree with those who are against labeling. Putting people into boxes doesn't encourage rational thought.

There's only one label I approve of. That is 'world citizen.' If everyone could see themselves as one many of the world's problems would disappear!

Coffee Messiah said...

Easy to admit to "no labels" including the dem one.

To take a middle ground, doesn't mean going both ways. To me, it simply means looking/listening to all that's being said, and find the most honest conclusion, no matter who is saying it.

The sooner we get rid of these labels, the better.

As far as politics, if we elect these people do our bidding, why are they making "independent" choices, that we don't want or agree to? That's all I've ever been saying, ever since I was able to vote, and todays climate is the worse, hands down! ; (

DivaJood said...

Hi Betmo - just sort of re-surfacing after a personally difficult week. But here's the thing: there are no easy paths. Anyone who takes an easy path, and is completely polemical in their approach to life, misses the point. Narrow is narrow, be it left, right or center.

What's happened in the US is a complete disintegration of critical thinking and debate. We tend to attack anyone who we disagree with, and call them names - what's the point? All it does is alienate and close discussion. We don't educate or open minds when we alienate.

Anyway, it's your blog, and you can write what you want. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Peacechick Mary said...

I call it putting on your thinking hat instead of the party (Dem Repub) hat.

No said...

Good points..all of it wrong to think for one's self? Sometimes it seems that way.

supergirlest said...

left, right, blah blah blah... talk to anyone long enough and it all tends to get real blurry. democrats tend to drive me as batty, if not more than republicans. then again, i'm so far off the map... little boxes in which to thrust people bug me...