Wednesday, July 25, 2007

not in the mood

i am suffering a case of pms- and i have had chocolate only once in 25 days- which means i have been without chocolate for 24 days. and- we have run out of time for impeachment- now it's time for indictment. forget trying to get enough votes from the spineless cowards in the congress. we need someone to start indicting and arresting these people. we need to start voting REAL people into office. there's no reason that real people shouldn't run. america is tired of career politicians. we need regular people to run. i know it takes money- but there's the internet- and if you are a REAL candidate wanting to run for PUBLIC SERVICE- people will donate to your campaign. we should no longer be told who our candidates will be 2 years ahead of time. we need to start becoming the candidates or supporting the candidates. no more of this corruption. we, the people, are to blame for the government we elected- because we continue to re-elect incumbents. really we should vote anti-incumbent every other time to shake things up.

anyway, i am not in the mood to talk about the shamtastic debate or the continued arrogance of bushco- or the continued lies from alberto and georgie. it makes me frustrated that these "people" are still in their positions- and still running this country. so- i am going to do some yardwork, hang with the fam, and buy myself some dark chocolate. chocolate is the only medicine i take.


dawn said...

You and me both B, I think it's going to be a chocolate week.

Larry said...

I don't blame you, it is sickening how the phonies of both parties talk with no action.

Chocolate is fine with me, and maybe a banana split.