Saturday, July 14, 2007

the media and the constitution

"P.S. If you also want to apologize for not doing your job at the start of the Iraq War, I'm sure most Americans would be very happy to accept your apology. You and the other networks were willing partners with Bush, flying flags all over the TV screens and never asking the hard questions that you should have asked. You might have prevented a war. You might have saved the lives of those 3,610 soldiers who are no longer with us. Instead, you blew air kisses at a commander in chief who clearly was making it all up. Millions of us knew that -- why didn't you? I think you did. And, in my opinion, that makes you responsible for this war. Instead of doing the job the founding fathers wanted you to do -- keeping those in power honest (that's why they made it the FIRST amendment) -- you and much of the media went on the attack against the few public figures like myself who dared to question the nightmare we were about to enter. You've never thanked me or the Dixie Chicks or Al Gore for doing your job for you. That's OK. Just tell the truth from this point on."

michael moore's letter to cnn


Time said...

"Liberal media bias." Meaning what? That the media was letting us know what was going on? That made the right look bad because political thought on the right always has been and still is, a minority viewpoint in this country.

To speak to what's good or bad for the majority, is a slant, to community responsibility. Are all the "talking heads" a better approach to community responsibility? Is wanting a reasonable response to a reasonable question a "liberal bias."

The media is more biased now, than ever before. It's no secret when you turn on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ect., what their slant is.

News has become commentary, and commentary is the outlet for extremists.

Can anyone old enough to remember the days of only 3 networks, say that the news was more biased then, than now?

earl said...

That quote was from an amazing, wonderful clip from the amazing, wonderful Crooks & Liars with Bill Moyers, John Nichols, and Bruce Fein.

It’s especially relevant today:

The quote of the night? “Impeachment does not cause a constitutional crisis. Impeachment SOLVES a constitutional crisis.”

We have spineless narcissists in Congress now. I don’t think a single person there has the courage and intellect to actually consider saving our country.

Larry said...

I wish there was a liberal bias then maybe we would get some truth instead of the fluffy garbage the networks/cable news gives us.

With the exception of Keith Olbermann, he has the truth.

landsker said...

Michael Moores` letter shows why america is looked upon with contempt.
He laments the loss of 3,ooo+ americans who willingly went to Iraq in service of their government.
He omits to mention the deaths of almost a million Iraquis.

In fact just about every american writer and activist is concerned with the death of the troops.
Iraqui women and children barely get mentioned, even when raped and murdered, always the troops... the troops..

Quite frankly, my dear, the world doesn`t give a damn.