Monday, July 16, 2007

just a reminder

if you haven't done so already, check out the sirens chronicles. few aesthetic growing pains here and there- but the site is up and running- and fabulous! there is a daily featured post by various women bloggers- and the rest of us post whenever we feel like it underneath! :) the sirens forum is a place where discussions happen and ideas are shared- it is by invite only- but really it only means that you have to sign in. it is free and easy- and the site has space for each member of the group to blog or post media or start discussions. it is a really cool place. it is run through ning and is linked to the sirens because that's how word press operates. ning is one of those group sharing spots and it's neat in it's own right. at least check it out. the forum is separate from the siren's blog but you can comment either place. come see what we have done! it is a blog written by women- but not just for women.


Peacechick Mary said...

I get "problem loading page" response to Sirens. What the hey?

betmo said...

i know nothing- you'll have to talk to the administrator- dusty. you can email me and i can give you her address

Larry said...

I have had troubles getting on Siren's from its inception. I comment there when I can get on.

That is the newness and I won't stop trying.

Dusty said...

The addy that Betmo has up for the Blog is incorrect. Just remove 'the' from it and you should be able to access the Blog site. If your still having problems, let me know and I will notify the hosting company please.

The Forum is invite only to keep the spammers out.