Monday, July 16, 2007

environmental monday

just checking in. i don't have a particular post in mind- more like a hodgepodge. eventually, this summer, i want to go through my house and make it 'greener.' i did not know that i needed to unplug my chargers that aren't in use- they draw electricity. i figured if the chargers did- probably so did many of the other things i just leave plugged in all of the time. do i really need to leave the tv plugged in 24/7 when i hardly watch it? so- i thought i would label my strips so that i could unplug them from the wall when not in use. much easier than plugging and unplugging lots of individual plugs. i want to finish switching over to all fluorescent bulbs too. really, my electricity usage is much more than my natural gas usage- so i want to decrease that.

i think i am going to have to start another compost bin. we get so much junk mail that i just don't have room to add much more to the bin i have. i try to stop the mail before it comes, but it is virtually impossible. i think credit card companies should be forced to pay for their junk mail by the pound. ridiculous. the veggies are going wild. lettuce is done. i planted squash and have been harvesting beans regularly. this has definitely been a learning experience for me.

2007 on target to be 2nd warmest on record

northeast faces flood risks from global warming


Peacechick Mary said...

I use junk mail and newspaper to put on the ground under the mulch. It cuts down on weeds and helps keep the soil moisture in. It also deters bugs and is biodegradable. So there!

Congrats on your fine eating.

Mary said...

I am about to start a compost bin so if I have any questions I will know where to come.

I found these sites for opting out of junk mail:

My husband still doesn't believe it makes a difference to unplug things so i have to go around after him.

DivaJood said...

I have awarded you with A Thinking Blogger Award.

betmo said...

thanks :) you can't see it but i am blushing. :)

Larry said...

Shredding whatever you can and taking it to facilities nearby to handle it, seems to work for me.

Sornie said...

I sometimes, time permitting, stuff a bunch of junk mail with my name and address removed back into one envelop and mail it. It keeps the post office in business. As for the rest, it gets shredded and recycled and I'm slowly converting the house to compact fluorescent bulbs. As for electricity costs, we spend between $25-$50/month for a 2,000+ sq. ft. house. Our natural gas budgets out to about $80/month. Not bad, I think, for Minnesota in a 108 yr. old house.