Tuesday, June 26, 2007

trying to play both sides against the middle

this is a picture of the OVAL office with the alleged vice president at the helm. the washington post has been running a series of posts about cheney that has solidified much of what i have been saying all along- cheney is in charge. the new york times has also jumped on the band wagon. my question is- where the hell were these people 6 years ago? putting that aside, earl, at the peace train put together a synopsis of the phenomena known as dick cheney.

so, with all of the bullshit that cheney has been up to these past 7 years (and before in prep)- from the 'handling' of 9/11 and katrina to apparently all things foreign and domestic- now- he has decided that his office isn't part of the executive branch. huh. that's news to me since if bush dropped dead- he'd be in power. the dems have seized on this to try and make a 'power play'- which is petty but hey- when you have balls the size of frozen peas- you do what you can. ok folks go ahead and 'defund' him a smidge out of the executive branch funding. he already has his hand on the tap of our taxpayer's dollars. he is still smirking at america.


enigma4ever said...

Great series- on a total criminal...and a great post yourself....excellent- actually I like your post better than the WAPO article- WHy did they wait Sooooo long to come forth with all of this...timing is everything...

enigma4ever said...

hehe....I need your email- I am in Cleveland...and it is 95 too and the day started promising- but the heat wiped me out too....I wrote this over the weekend when It was nice....today was miserable- we laid in front of 3 fans and ate popsicles all day....so did the dog ;-)

Hill said...

I've been following this series. I'm like you with the question: "Where the hell" were the reporters for the past 6 NIGHTMARE YEARS? And I'm wondering exactly WHY did Darth Cheney give the WaPo his PERMISSION to print this story NOW? Whaddup with that?

earl said...

No doubt Bush's easily bruised and extraordinarily thin-skinned Ego is boiling with rage at these revelations, if he's seen them. Which might lead to some nice public tantrums. That would be amusing to see, at least.

As to what the Decider does, its been pretty clear. Every now and then he signs a couple of pieces of paper, or goes in front of a carefully vetted crowd and gives a "speech". But mostly, he rides his bike, gets to bed early and goes on vacation. He has the lifestyle of a ten year old.

Cheney has something on little George. His military record, which has been faked, his cocaine addictions, and probably a whole lot of other sins of the flesh. He probably has something on Laura as well as the twins. I think he has files on lots of other folks, too. I believe fear of blackmail underlies the actions of many journalists and politicians.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

my question is- where the hell were these people 6 years ago?
Right where they are now - carrying water for BushCo. Think about it for a moment.

The American people are getting a little antsy (Finally!) about this "iraq" thing.

The clock is ticking down (Thank God!) on the evil empire.

Democowards are in sore need of something to gum to death, as they all lost their teeth long ago. So they investigate the investigations into the investigation.

Meanwhile.....does Cheney give a fuck what they find? He's an old man with a bad pumper that's already said this is his last hurrah.

I could have saved all this space, and just typed "Collusion." Sorry.

Donnie McDaniel said...

The media has obviously catered to the right wing all these years. Maybe fear of reprisal could be one reason. They did out an under cover CIA operative after all. It's still no reason for all the MSM to have bowed down to the thugs all these years. What is interesting, is that this has come out, and the WaPo also has a write up about the GOP wanting to get Cheney out.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven! It sounds like they have something planned. Something makes me uneasy about this whole mess. Like Hilly said, Cheney gave them permission. Now the article in the WaPo comes out, and it just makes you cringe. Could they be trying to spin it to make the real villian seem like a scape goat, and then install someone as VP that would have a chance in '08? Creepy!

sumo said...

Donnies...makes sense.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Sadly, he has accumulated enough power that not a damn thing can be done to stop him.

Time said...

I'm confused about why people are so surprised that a politician would manipulate the processes of government.That's what politicians do.

Granted, Bush/Cheney have taken it to a criminal level, but their not the first, nor will they be the last. The Republicans are not the only party that have done bad things.

The impeach Bush/Cheney movement started years ago, I signed up.

Cheney's actions have been under investigation (and he has been taken to court) starting years ago.

PBS has done a couple of good documentaries on Cheney's abuses, over the years.

Finally the Democrats got power, and it's their investigations that are bringing this stuff to light, officially. Go Waxman!!

Why the American people have let this go on so long I'm not sure; the signs and some of the information has been out there, but they would rather hear about Paris Hilton.

I want these things investigated, that's why it was so great that the Democrats won in 08'.

But what's more important, is that the Democrats use their voting edge to change things, which they are not doing!!