Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i'm number 20 in the middle

laurie made me think again :) random 8

1. i really like true crime novels- emphasis on serial killers. for some reason, i also like court tv :)

2. my favorite movie is willy wonka and the chocolate factory- the gene wilder edition. when he pulls that kid's hair while singing 'pure imagination' i laugh my ass off.

3. it was a conscious, deliberate decision not to have kids. in other words, i did it on purpose.

4. this is tough because i talk about my life quite a bit on the blog already.

5. i crochet stuff. i am teaching myself how to knit and quilt as well.

6. my shoe size is 8- 8 wide these days because my feet are swollen from the humidity.

7. my house is full of plants because i like to have live things around me- as my house is also full of books :)

8. i played football in college- and my team won the campus wide super bowl :)

it is too hot this week to tag- have some fun and post at your site or leave some in the comments. it's ok if you don't have exactly 8 :)


sumo said...

I got it too...and I'm going to have a heck of a time coming up with stuff. Hey..I quilt too, crochet and knit some...quilting is my favorite.

Laurie said...

I cross-stitch! Does that count?

Oh, and I will remain childless as well, Betmo. Good to know I'm not alone.