Sunday, June 03, 2007

miss kitty has a home

my buddy put so much work into finding her a home. we didn't name her- my friend called her 'baby' but we didn't want to get too attached. too late :( she is so sweet- i am going to miss her on the porch. i am relieved that she is going to a family with a couple of kids and will be an indoor cat most likely. i told the nice lady who came to pick her up about the dog rings- and she told us that many cats in her neighborhood have gone missing. she said she would keep miss kitty inside- and was rightfully horrified. i have almost no faith left in humankind- but the folks like this nice woman and her family keep me from being 100% jaded. no more hurricane force thunderstorms to weather outside for miss kitty. i am happy for her.


Professor Zero said...

I'm so glad!!! :-)

Peacechick Mary said...

Beautiful markings, sweet Baby, good news.

Mary said...

Good news for sure.