Sunday, June 03, 2007

have mercy

i started thinking about what to write- i have a few thoughts rattling around in there- but it is so freaking hot and humid here- and my feet are so swollen and uncomfortable- that i am not posting anything other than this bitchy rant. i mean it is my own damned fault i am chunky but i have never had my feet hurt so badly before. and the humidity won't break. if i wanted to live in the rainforest or jungle- i'd move to malaysia for christ's sake (no offense bz :) anyhoo- the hubby's work picnic yesterday went fine- too many dogs there for my taste- but overall it was nice. bringing a dog to a park for a picnic is all well and good- but it is like having your kids there. you have to watch them every second because they are on a leash. then you have the whole 'dog park' issue where some dogs don't like the other dogs or they leap up on people like me who don't like them- and then lick and sniff. yuck. anyhoo- enjoy the rest of the weekend- back to business tomorrow- it is supposed to be cooler and while i don't care so much about the actual heat- i hope that this humidity breaks. i am going to take my swollen tootsies outside today and stir up the ole compost bin. have fun!


Chuck said...

I hope you get to feeling better buddy!

Yep- the weather is supposed to break a bit. :)

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5th Estate said...

Hiya "Chunky" :D

Sorry I haven't visited for so long--as you suggest one can't be "on" all the time.

It's humid down here in JC, NJ too. Not too opressive yet but it has been so consistently warm for so long--I wonder why that is?

Still, at least you've got an outside to go to and mess about in.

BTW the worst humidity I ever experienced was in Bahrain. In the UK you cant' get more than 60 miles from the sea, but in Bahrain its more like a mile and with all the hot air and no real variety of landscape it never seems to rain--moisture just seems to "exist" either more or less but that's it.
It is quite odd, on a cloudless 100-degree day to wipe moisture off the inside of your car windows.

Go have yourself a mint julep or Pimms--they don;t solve anything but they "feel" ;ile they do,