Sunday, June 03, 2007

for fun

the jolly roger has tagged me for the random 8- so here goes:

Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
* Players should tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

1. i really like true crime novels- emphasis on serial killers. for some reason, i also like court tv :)

2. my favorite movie is willy wonka and the chocolate factory- the gene wilder edition. when he pulls that kid's hair while singing 'pure imagination' i laugh my ass off.

3. it was a conscious, deliberate decision not to have kids. in other words, i did it on purpose.

4. this is tough because i talk about my life quite a bit on the blog already.

5. i crochet stuff. i am teaching myself how to knit and quilt as well.

6. my shoe size is 8- 8 wide these days because my feet are swollen from the humidity.

7. my house is full of plants because i like to have live things around me- as my house is also full of books :)

8. i played football in college- and my team won the campus wide super bowl :)


Naj said...

:) Today, I finally got to planting my flowers ... and I kept thinking of you ...

Sarah said...

I got my random facts up!

1, 3, 6 = same for me!

Dizzy Dezzi said...


who the heck am i supposed to got everyone I was thinking of!?

I'm a size 8 wide, too!

JollyRoger said...

Then you have to be loving John Waters's new show. I find it hilarious-in a chilling sort of way...

betmo said...

the whole show is him. :) he is very funny and macabre- my kind of guy :)

betmo said...

dez- i just wanted the answers to 8 random things about you :)

Chuck said...

Hi Betmo. I assume that I'm supposed to post these random facts here. I'm not much of a participant in these things usually, but I'll do it for you. ;) And I tend to rattle on...

Random facts about me:

1) I married Karen on December 31, 1979. We have four sons, one grandaughter, one grandson and are expecting another grandchild in November. Family is the most important thing to me. Ultimately I think family and friendship is the only thing that all of us really have in our lives.

2) I worked long hours to support my family and missed a lot of the growing up part with my boys. Karen stayed home to raise them and then returned to work when we opened our second store (and I needed help with the day to day operation). I worked an average of 80 hours/week for about the last 20 years of my career. I burned out and retired from the rat race in 2002 at 45 years old. Karen retired last year. We're not wealthy, by any means, but we survive and we're free from "the man" in that respect- we don't answer to anyone any more on a daily basis and that's worth a lot to me. I recently turned 50. Karen is 45.

3) I never learned how to type on a keyboard (the accepted way) but I can keep up with most people. My left hand is dominant while typing. I write and eat with my left hand, but throw a ball with my right hand.

4) I read books all the time and have done so since I was a kid. The only type I read/have ever read are Science/Science Fiction/Science Speculation. Anything else can't hold my attention.

5) I do not believe in religion of any kind- from Christianity to Satanism and everything in between. I believe the worship of a supreme being that is all knowing and all seeing is the single biggest weakness of humanity. I think that particular "knowledge" is used as a crutch. I think the church is a "money machine" that preys on the congregation and needs to keep bringing in fresh blood. I don't think they're "spreading the word" when they try to recruit you, I think they're trying to increase their tax free revenue. I don't identify with atheiests either. I think they have a deep rooted affinity for religion. In other words, why are they constantly addressing it? Its just a non-issue for me.

6) I never forgive. I never forget. I hold a grudge forever. I am fiercely loyal to friends and family. I believe that we are all a culmination of our experiences and I'm fairly extreme in that respect.

7) Karen and I watch a lot of TV and our favorite show currently is "Lost". My personal favorite movie of all time is "The Out Of Towners" with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. My personal favorite series from the past were "Star Trek Voyager" and "Star Trek: TNG".

8) I never really liked politics. I woke up to the corruption with bush 1. I spoke up with bush 2, who is a threat to the very survival of humanity. I consider that my interest is forced. I regret the delay, but its the past now and I can't change it. My biggest frustration is with the idiots who can't see through bush and his criminal cabal- I mean the ones who TRULY BELIEVE he's a great person.

dawn said...

football wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alaskababy said...

done. :)

betmo, the original willy wonka SCARED ME when I was a kid. I couldn't decide, was Gene Wilder "good" or "evil"? hehehe

lynn said...

Wonka! I love that one!

Thorne said...

Yes, although I adore Johnny Depp, nobody can equal Gene Wilder. I love this one too. Definitely one of my all time favs. So I've done my bit and tagged you back, dahlink!!! Stop by and see. Monday memes