Monday, June 04, 2007

environmental monday- evening edition

i have a confession to make- and it isn't an easy one. i was shopping at wal-mart (no, it gets worse) and i was at the checkout and i saw a bucket of these pencils. i glanced down and bam! impulse buy! smencils- pencils that smell! i am a sucker for sweet smelling things- love those markers that smell- but i think that there is a danger of getting high from them. but i digress. so- the pencil says, "made from 100% recycled newspapers" and i am thinking- wow! that's cool- "saving trees.... one pencil at a time." i also thought- cool i get to post about something green and fun :)

until my husband completely burst my bubble. this is what he said when i showed him:

"saving trees one pencil at a time and ruining the planet with plastic containers."

yes, that's correct. each pencil is individually encased in a plastic container. sigh. any other time i would say it was the thought that counted- but i am disappointed that they would market this way. guess an email to them at is in order. oh- and i only went to wal-mart because my sister had to go there for something specific. i felt dirty afterwards :)


Time said...

People find it hard to believe that I had never been into a Wal-Mart til I was over 50 years old. Then I moved to within 3 blocks of a Wal-Mart. I have to admit to slumming at Wal-Mart about once a month ever since. My friends kid me, "do you shower after coming back from a trip to Wal-Mart!"

EAPrez said...

Walmart? Oh my!

alaskababy said...

I am laughing my ass off! Smencils?

I can relate to feeling dirty, two xmas's ago I hit up a wal-mart for a pokemon game my daughter wanted because they had it, I wouldn't have to pay shipping and i just wanted to be done with my shopping. I texted my husband "going home to take a shower... I just shopped at wal-mart!"