Tuesday, May 15, 2007

lovely day

had a really lovely day. weather is beautiful and i had a good checkup at the dentist. i even talked about environmental stuff with my hygienist! gave her a web site to check out and some tips! bought some plants and can't wait to get them in the ground- got 2 yards going at once and only one me sigh. dawn- would ya like to come upstate? ;) got sucked into talking to my neighbors- my elderly neighbor across the street and the neighborhood watch 2 houses down. i actually like my neighborhood for the most part. very quiet- low crime and folks try to keep it looking nice. kind of old and rundown but we aren't even a side street- we are the ones who get plowed out last every winter. so- not bad i think. i am not in sync with the conservative views of my neighbors- but they are older and blue collar type folks who mean well for the most part and are fairly nice.

except when it comes to 'trash.' our end of the block banded together and the trash next door is outta here by thursday. phone calls to police, landlord and code enforcement did the trick. the crew is pretty tolerant and the 'trash' isn't really even the folks who live there- again. the mom and daughter lived there for a year with no big issues. mom moves out- daughter gets a room mate and lets the boyfriend move in and the room mate's boyfriend- instant flop house. the windows are all broken out and the screens are gone. garbage all over and drinking and what not. the final straw was when my tenant (whose parents live across the street and whose brother is a cop) was on the porch with her family- and her 7 year old daughter was playing outside. the yahoos had been drinking on the porch- 1:30pm no less- and one of the guys whips it out and pees on the side of the house (theirs not mine.) she went off. the guy told her he didn't fucking care- and she was on the phone.

landlord came by today and drove up and told me they were gone by thursday. hey- i feel no pity. you want to behave as a human being and not make out on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building and curse constantly and pee in public- hey- that's great. otherwise- go be with your own kind. you can pee on each other. i can sympathize with the landlord- he has laws he has to go by- but he did what he could. not to mention the fact that all of these yahoos don't have gainful employment and if they are 21 years old- i would be surprised. none of them looked disabled- so why are you drinking on the front porch at 1:30pm on a monday afternoon?

so- i got my yard edged with fake stone edging- cause it was cheaper than real stone- and it looks nice. took me 2 hours because the ground is really dry and there were lots of rocks- but hey- that's part of yardwork right? that means- on with putting plants in. again, dawn- upstate is calling you :)


just me said...

Can you do my yard? Jk..ha ha. Actually, my flowers are non existant. Not even a forsythia.

betmo said...

deb- if i could i would! :) i understand completely why folks hire this done. one of the reasons i am doing it- is exercise. i am a chunky little potato on the couch of life :) i sleep well at night now- hee hee.