Wednesday, May 16, 2007

big oil is raping this planet

i had a post in mind- and i am going to try to actually write it today. my mother insists that i watch NOW and the bill moyers' specials on pbs- so that it isn't just her and one other guy getting what really amounts to investigative journalism. so, i do. many of you have probably heard of bobby maxwell and his suit against kerr-mcgee. hell, i had no idea who any of them were- but i do now. in fact, bobby is going to go in the truthy column. why?

we have heard the campaign promises of getting big petro to pay what it owes and cutting into its soaring profits. did ya know that the government is owed tens of millions of dollars by big oil that big oil is simply weaseling out of? it was bobby maxwell's job to know and he got fired for finding out and doing his job. watch the clip- it's about 15 minutes.

ahh corruption. you can smell it in the air. we are all very well versed in the alberto 'i don't recall' gonzales scandal- well, maybe i should say the 'mcnulty takes the rap' flap. no rewards for straying from message. the day has come for the FCC to continue to erode civil liberties- and the military as well. i guess the FCC and misguided regular folks are gearing up to strangle the first amendment even more- not much air left in the ole' gal.

all while the whiff of scandal continues to waft over the white house- interior department to the education department. i think each department is on at least its third scandal by now- and have switched secretaries at least twice. i find it interesting that it is always the second in command who has to 'resign.' from scooter to mcnulty to condi's main man- and now, julie mcdonald.

but- at least bush named a new 'war czar.' i know i can sleep easier tonight knowing he has someone new to blame for their stupidity.

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Brother Tim said...

I find this farcical. We already have a 'war czar', he's called the 'commander guy'. What he named was a new 'war fall-guy'.