Tuesday, April 17, 2007

tuesday post for peace

"When asked about the anti-war movement during Vietnam and at the time, during 2003, Kurt Vonnegut (who passed away last week) said the following:
"When it became obvious what a dumb and cruel and spiritually and financially and militarily ruinous mistake our war in Vietnam was, every artist worth a damn in this country, every serious writer, painter, stand-up comedian, musician, actor and actress, you name it, came out against the thing. We formed what might be described as a laser beam of protest, with everybody aimed in the same direction, focused and intense. This weapon proved to have the power of a banana-cream pie three feet in diameter when dropped from a stepladder five-feet high.
And so it is with anti-war protests in the present day. Then as now, TV did not like anti-war protesters, nor any other sort of protesters, unless they rioted. Now, as then, on account of TV, the right of citizens to peaceably assemble, and petition their government for a redress of grievances, 'ain't worth a pitcher of warm spit,' as the saying goes."
What do you think of this quotation?
How do you think the modern anti-war movement can rise above the value of a pitcher of warm spit?"

one million blogs for peace

hmmm.... a pitcher of warm spit. i think i will stick to my morning cuppa. well, there doesn't seem to be much of anything that will slow this neo con, war mongering, power grabbing, soul less executive branch down. they have continued doing whatever it is that they do almost without stumbling. they are like the borg- they just replace one soldier in their army with another- much like they are doing in iraq- makes no difference to them.

the modern peace movement has lacked any real momentum. as far as celebrities go- it has taken some time for them to jump on board and little wonder- they have gotten absolutely skewered in the press. think- dixie chicks and sean penn or susan sarandon and barbra streisand. your loyalty to country has been questioned and the word 'treason' hasn't been said but implied. finally-- people woke up.

what the peace movement needs is passion! there are many issues in this country- apathy, over medication, self centeredness, self importance, time mismanagement, etc. any of which would hamper ones ability to prioritize. we see the same lack of passion for saving the planet we currently reside on- they all go hand in hand. i have heard it many times from bloggers from around the world- "why isn't there more outrage?" well, you have to be able to feel emotions to feel outrage. what set the vietnam era apart from this is- outrage. the numbers built up over time but the feeling was passion! we don't feel anything in this country anymore. we are on an endless pursuit of happiness and pleasure- and as a result- feel nothing at all.


Donnie McDaniel said...

The Borg, is the perfect example of them!!!!

DivaJood said...

The desensitization began with the daily body count during Viet Nam. Every day, on television, the number of US Soldiers KIA. It was the first televised war.

We are desensitized by an overabundance of "realism" in films. Driving to work this morning, I was thinking about the coreographed killings in three films: Bonnie and Clyde, Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch, and Sonny Corleone's death in The Godfather. We've become fascinated by the horror of it. We're drawn to images that we should recoil from. I don't get it.

I'm tired, really, very tired.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I'm with jood. TIRED!

The administration is fighting this war with all the advantages and resources. They are paid fulltime to put on their war. We are fighting it like little ants, without the big money or resources, and many of us writing from our home compuers or from public libraries. We are scattered and distracted and have no strong base...yet we will not be defeated...

Yes we managed to change the votes and change the Congress. Yet what change is there really??? The Democrats are stalling.

We need to keep plugging away, teaching our children right from wrong. The world will never be perfect, but we can make a difference.

Sarah said...

We need peace. It is the most wanted value on this Earth right now. I am tired too. So tired.