Monday, April 16, 2007

equal opportunity

lest i be accused of 'playing favorites' in my secularist quest- here's a tidbit in the news from that 'red headed step-child' of world religions- hinduism. apparently, PDAs are frowned upon in the hindu religion- so much so that the panties bunch up at the mere thought. so imagine the reaction when a buddhist (gasp) hugs and kisses a native girl (oh the horror!!!) what to do? what to do?

protestors in india burn gere effigies


Sarah said...

Richard Gere is corrupting the women of India!!

; )

Anonymous said... don't just go around and kiss Bollywood starlets. They have rules against that. Ever watch a Bollywood film? The lovers (and every film has a pair), will do just about anything that doesn't involve taking off any clothing or kissing. Writhing all over each other? Fine, as long as those lips don't touch.

Daniel said...

When I see two people chewing each other's mouths on a screen I feel slightly nauseous. Perhaps Bollywood is onto something. Sometimes less is more! Cheers!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The religion differs, the nationality differs, the locations differ....

One thing always seems to stay the same.

Demonizing the offender, until the whole thing blows up into something bigger, and completely different, than the offense ever was.

The only universal world wide custom there is, it seems!:) Thanks for finding this. I needed the laugh badly.:)

betmo said...

i feel a bit voyeuristic and i can't watch. that's why hubby and i usually watch action flicks. a nice thriller or a stupid comedy. anything that doesn't have an hour long sex scene. if i wanted to actually participate- i wouldn't be watching the movie!!

anyhoo- i am finding that the only religion that isn't into burning, looting, killing, or power grabs is buddhism. the year is young.

Renegade Eye said...

Religion is a topic of its own, independant of the various denominations. The damage they cause is interchangeable. Dawkins is right.