Friday, April 27, 2007

open thread- america at war- with herself

it has occurred to me that america seems to be imploding. the crux of it is- we have no one to blame but ourselves. that's a sobering thought isn't it? most of us live our lives with the feeling that everything is going to work out just fine- because we have been indoctrinated to think so. our civil liberties have been stolen and eroded- and that's the tip of the iceberg (a rapidly melting one)

the reality is- america is at war- with herself.

we have battling ideologies for the fate of our country- right vs. left and corruption everywhere- but reality is- it won't matter in the grander scheme of things. i am a realist and that is usually a drag- to myself and to others. the bottom line is this:

we are destroying our planet. some folks in the world are working to change this and most are not. the bitch of it is- we all share the same fate. not looking good. famine, drought, water shortages, coastline disappearance, war, poverty- that's our future unless we get our panties in gear and make changes here. big corporate is not on board- so...

america is screwed. the fact is- we don't have enough educated people in the right fields to be competitive in a global economy. the folks we have at the top use sound bites and rhetoric to soothe us while america goes up in flames- but hey, they all have jobs right? the truth is- in economic circles there is the clarion call that there is another big depression coming. greenspan tip toed around it and called it a big 'recession' in february and then bernanke came out and said everything is coming up roses. uh huh. i already have 50 acres of swampland thanks.

the sad part is- it's the whole human race that is destroying itself. i hope it isn't in my lifetime. i hope that this country- who has always been a leader and started trends- can help stem the tide. in time. forewarned is forearmed- and knowledge is power. we can stop them. we can turn things around. we have to do it as the human race though- and that means overcoming regions and religions. the question is not can we- it is will we?


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

so well put, b, as your posts always are.

very sad but very true. we are imploding. the rich are getting obscenely rich, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class ends up paying the most percentage-wise for it. there is corruption, especially in the bushit admin and most major corporations including my current industry.

and media does nto want to report it because they are all owned by big conglomerates. as a aspiring journalist that disgusts me.

the worst part is that too many people are still drinking the kool-aid.

I keep thinking that voters will hold the gop responsible in 08, but then I thought that in 04 and look what happened.

too many people just want to hear bush and his ilk say things are gonna be ok if you stick with us. all this while our soldiers die, people are losing their jobs and homes, and their paychecks are shrinking.

if the election were held today, I wonder if the gop would win the presidency again? it frightens me to say I think that they might.

on a positive note I saw where Spitzer wants to legalize equal marriage in your great state but I read that your state senate will probably block it.

have a great weekend,

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

an aspiring journalist who should check his post for typo's before he hits publish. sorry bout the typo's......

betmo said...

well, there is really no excuse to be funneling that kool aid now. did you watch the moyers special? you should. no- i don't think the gop would win the presidency. the bushies have such contempt for everyone- they are ruining their own party. they come off as the out of touch party. the backwards, arrogant party who doesn't really care about what the american people want. we couldn't have sent a clearer message- and he takes it as a mandate to continue with the status quo. no, 2008 will go to the dems. the question is- will they squander their opportunity? i believe that they will because their primary agenda is to get elected. the rethug neo cons had a plan- to take over the world. the dems think smaller- get re-elected. still no cares for the will of the people or for actually leading.