Friday, April 27, 2007

bill moyers- american hero

if you haven't checked it out- please check out bill moyer's piece on the american media and its failure leading up to the iraq war. no surprises- the leaks and intimidation that the media was complicit with- came from the admin. it was refreshing to HEAR someone in the media ACTUALLY ASKING hard questions. check it out.


Spadoman said...

We watched this show on PBS the other night. I have also seen other movies outlining and delivering the some hard facts, like "Weapons of Mass Deception".

I didn't come away satisfied. None of the hard questions were answered by anybody. American people must answer these questions themselves and the only answer can be a regime change here in America from this bought and paid for media, that the neo-cons, by the way, tell us is a liberal slanted media, that is NOT in their favor.

On May 7th, on the Sundance Channel, if you get it, two more movies will be shown. They are "Sir, No Sir" and "The Hround Truth". Both of these shows will tell volumes about the actual soldiers and their decries about the war in Iraq. I will be recording these shows and will gladly send a copy to anyone that doesn't get the Sundance Channel.

Batmo, with her wonderful loyalty and extreme sense of humor, has posted one too many hero pictures on her side bar. I don't belong there along with the 'greats' like Moyers, Stewart and Mrs. Spadoman. They are the truth seekers and warriors for bringing the facts to people.

But I thank her for making me seem like a star and am humbled by the thought that I can be seen with the likes of the others.

Peace to all :-)

betmo said...

i think that the questions were answered by these folks not answering them. what struck me was dan rather talking about fear. some of these people were afraid. of what? i have no idea. he had seen vietnam- and yet wouldn't take on this admin? we all know the tactics used by cheney/bush et al to bring people into line. and reading between the lines and listening to the non answer answers really gave me insight. it hits you right in the face something that we all have bitched and bemoaned- we have to get our news from real news sources. i will never read the new york times or the washington post again for real news- just as i don't watch the networks or cable pundits. i lost respect for them. perhaps that's why the new york times out of any of the news organizations talked about-- had no response. i would be embarrassed too.

Bing said...

I have been greatly impressed by Moyers recently. I never paid much attention to him before, but his expose of American media and Iraq was stunning. I have been surpised by the amount of coverage that his show has gotten in the blogosphere, but of course it is well deserved.

I think that the next phase is to come up with an "action network", by which p.o.'ed citizens can seek change and ensure the media doen't roll over and play idiot child again. I imagine that has something.

Pip pip!


dusty said...

I love Bill Moyers and I tape all his shows on PBS. This one was imho a very good show from a media perspective. Moyers wasn't debunking the lies we have been fed, he was showing us how complicit the media was in dragging us into the War in Iraq.

The MSM didn't make up the lies..they just kept repeating the ones fed to them.

libhom said...

Moyers is showing that journalists don't have to be afraid to tell the truth. He deserves a tremendous amount of credit for that.