Saturday, April 21, 2007

homeland security needs to go

there is no reason for it to exist. there is poisoned food abounding in this country; the feds put personal info on the web for 10 years! 6 of which have been under the homeland security umbrella; nasa gets shot up a week after vtech- i could go on. you know of what i speak. the only reason for homeland security to exist is so that it can amass and stockpile vast databases full of YOUR's and MY personal information in one place. yes, i realize that anyone on the grid has personal info somewhere- but the government is not benevolent. why does the government need all of my information?

the patriot act needs to be repealed.

the military commissions act needs to be repealed.


Ingrid said...

Bravo! I am totally with you on that one. Let's spread the word; repeal the Patriot Act. (although truth be told I don't believe the Dems would discontinue it if they got into's hoping though)

Time said...

As planned and implemented by this administration, Home Land Security is not only a waste of money, but an insult to Americans.

Home Land Security is not a bad idea after something like 9/11, but it should not be a path for spying on Americans, or a tool for Republicans to gain and hold power in America.

The Gonzales flap over firing attorneys, was started by a law in the Patriot Act that gave the administration power that was supposed to be the Congress's power to approve attorneys.

A perfect example how this administration uses the intention to protect us, for their political gain. That's criminal.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Homeland security and the intrusive Patriot act didn't seem to prevent some documented psyco from buying handguns, WTF?
Dissenters are MUCH more dangerous to the homeland, apparently.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Yes, b, it is scary. unfortunately we will have to wait 2 more years at least.

I would be willing to consider a completely redesigned dhs but the patriot act has got to go.

what were the dems thinking when they allowed it to be reauthorized? they could have stopped it altogether.

I agree with time. I am not against the dhs in theory, but it must be more isolated from power hungry execs before I will be comfortable with it.

glad spring has sprung for you b. hope u have a wonderful weekend.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Awesome post! And very thoughtful...

QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo, it is true
homeland security - security from who?
Personal info? - available to who?

Big brother, knows where we live
Big brother, knows where we shop
Big brother, knows where we eat
Big brother, knows our every meet

QUASAR9 said...

The government not only knows,
but can manipulate any data about you.
You are free to 'vote'
but be sure they know who or what you vote

And when it comes to profiling
DNA profiling is here to stay!
andnothing can make it go away.

5th Estate said...

And you only mention the half of it!! Hundreds of "enemy combatants" and "terrorists" that can't be properly and satisfactorily prosecuted because of lack of evidence and extra-judicial, extra-legal processes; inconsistent and arbitrary travel restrictions, complete disregard of professinal risk -beased assement over political needs. Have we so soon forgetten the DHS's denial of the existence of the Satue of Liberity as a potential target, indeed its existence at all? Wyoming by their reckoning was however a vital hub of the US, politically and economically.

And then there's the DHS's acquiesence regarding the abuse of stet security resources--the National Guard--to serve a disastrous international adventure in Iraq.

It's good you brought this up, with all the other scandals going on this is an 800-pound gorilla that shouldn't go unnoticed.Great job in stayng informed and keeping us informed, as always.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

From the story you link to on Salon...
The federal government data base which contains all of our controlled substance prescriptions, for instance, was mandated by a law -- The National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act -- passed in 2005 by the Republican-controlled Congress (though with full bipartisan support)

That raises the obvious. Who's left to repeal it?

DivaJood said...

How about we demand Bush and Cheney be impeached? That would be a real step forward.

Ortho said...

Did I just enter the echo chamber? All of the comments agree with the post. Why?

Should we disband all bureaucracies that are failures? If the answer is "yes", then we shall not stop with Homeland Security. The department of Homeland Security is a symptom of a larger problem--the existence of a nation state that instructs "freedom is not free".

Destroying Homeland Security and repealing the Patriot Act only treats the symptoms of an endemic disease that plagues humanity. Destroying nation states is the only cure to this disease.

In a post-nation state world we shall radically reimagine power relationships. We shall create the world a new.

betmo said...

ortho- most folks are not ready to pick up a gun and start a revolution. the very idea of 'fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here' should tell you that. maintaining a peace is of paramount importance so repealing the patriot act and gutting homeland security is a start. there will be a time when things here get ugly. people are not ready for that time.