Sunday, April 22, 2007

earth day

i think that earth day is more important than ever before. we need to reassure people that there are things that they can do in their daily lives that will help combat greenhouse gases. i think most folks are either not aware that little things add up in what they do- or are unwilling to change their lifestyles to help. even folks who rent can make a few changes here and there- and we can all donate our time- even if we don't have much- to picking up pieces of trash in the neighborhood; or emailing a congressperson; or surfing the web for some ideas. if 30 million americans weatherstripped their windows- for less than $10- think of the savings in c02 emissions and utility bills. if 30 million americans kept their tires inflated properly and drove 55 mph- think of the gas savings. little things add up. take a look at the earth day site for more tips--and of course, let's keep the pressure up in washington. also- remember in this consumer driven economy- if you create a market- someone will want to fill it up and make a profit- so buy local and help out someone you know!

i wanted to highlight the beavan family. colin beavan is keeping a blog about their progress and what not at no impact man. this family is taking the 'leave no footprint' approach to living for a full year- i think that they are like 5 months in. now, while i find that admirable, and i know i am a horrible person- i could not live without toilet paper and other needs we ladies have. i could probably live without everything else but those 2 things. i think more of us could do well to make our lives simpler. think about things that you have to dust or vacuum around. think about turning off the power strip of all of the electronics we all typically have. the more i think about it- the more apt i am to do it-- because i feel guilty being wasteful. when i think about all i have compared to someone who lives in eastern europe or parts of south east asia, or africa, or the middle east-- or even mexico-- i feel grateful indeed. there is no need to be excessively wasteful just because we can. enjoy what you have but remember that you are lucky to have it. happy earth day!


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

Happy Earth Day! I was more people thought like you do. Hope you had a good weekend. Gotta run.

5th Estate said...

No so happy Earth Day. It seems to be ignored now more than ever, despite the precipitate problem of climate change. Meanwhile I suppose Bush;s Jesus Day ( June 10th) will be dutifully noted in Texas.

C-dell said...

I see the earth as like a mother. She is old often unappreciated, but still loves and cares for us. Always will to provide for us no matter what the cost.

The Future Was Yesterday said... comes the acid rain.:)

*i* think that if anyone is so clueless as to need a "day" to remind them their existence is tied to the ground they walk on....then that "day" isn't going to do a hell of a lot of good other than make the PC crowd orgasmic for one day.

Sarah said...

How green is your life?

DivaJood said...

I purchased CO2 offsets yesterday to amend my travels.