Wednesday, April 25, 2007

health news update

apparently, there have been many studies out there- i won't comment- but let you form your own conclusions:

fat workers cost employers more

lethal injection method flawed

breast feeding does not deter obesity

abortion does not cause cancer or miscarriages

vaccine for genital herpes lacks funding

drug resistant stds on rise


Peacechick Mary said...

Perhaps we are getting into real science as opposed to biblical science.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the research data is skewed, or as with the Global Warming research, a lot of stuff is covered up by governmental agencies, so it's VERY hard to determine what is actually true or not. Best thing to do is go into PubMed or some other reliable source for research and scholarly publications and check things out for yourself.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

Hmmm...being a breastfeeding mommy who was adamant about nourishing the kiddies, I don't recall any correlation between breastfeeding beating obesity...I expect at least one of my children to be "fat" (probably my daughter), as seems to be a familial trend...all the guys are walking-stalks, at least until middle age, while the girls in the family start packing on the pounds as soon as they get their first period (sigh...I 'member that day--at least I got to get rid of my training bra...sigh). And, yes, at least one of my children or my neices/nephews will be obese (it's my sister in our generation).

Oh, yeah-the other linkies are informative too...although a few of them were definite no-brainers. It's funny how much goes into a study just to debunk "biblical science" (h/t peachchick). It's just like in this city, where the city commissions a study so that the citizens won't scream about changes because a "study" said the changes were necessary. Imagine how many poor people could be helped with all that funding...sigh...

C-dell said...

Good stories. I was wondering if you could give me the code for the blog against theocracy banner.

Renegade Eye said...

Another area that is suspect science is the scientific definition of beauty. Apparently universally symetry is equal to beauty. Where is symetry in nature? Who is subsidizing these studies? Cosmetic companies? Plastic surgeons?