Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Watch VideoVets.org

for all of those folks who feel that we should stay in iraq- to "stay the course" if you will- because the military men and women would have given their lives in vain; or because we can't pull out and leave the iraqis high and dry; or the old chestnut of not wanting to let the oil fall into iranian hands- well this is for you:

VideoVets.org is a website where Iraq veterans and military families use YouTube videos to push back against Bush supporters who say ending the Iraq war is anti-troop. here are some examples from the videos:

California Gold Star Mom:

I used to lay in bed at about 11 o'clock at night an imagine somebody would be knocking on my door. And I would visualize how I would respond to that, and lay in bed, "Go away, don't come here for that." And so every minute you just expected to get the knock at the door—I just worried so much that somebody would come to my house and ultimately that's what happened. I wrote this letter to Ken on the one year anniversary of his death..."I'm so proud that you chose to serve your country. And in the same thought I am so unbearably offended that this Administration used your good will, your patriotism, and your values to send you to fight their illegal, immoral, war of choice."

Pennsylvania Iraq Veteran:

It never seemed to me that we were fighting Al Quaeda, Bin Laden, or the people who were responsible for attacking us on 9/11. The mission was so confusing, and it seemed as if everybody in the community disliked us. To keep American soldiers in Iraq for an indefinite period of time being attacked by an unidentifiable enemy is wrong, immoral, and irresponsible...I feel used and I feel misled by the Administration. I feel that my patriotism has been used and exploited, my willingness to fight for this country has been used and exploited. I'm very proud of my military service, but I'm very disappointed in the civilian leadership and the Administration for sending us needlessly into combat.

Indiana Iraq Veteran:

When I was deployed to Iraq, we lacked crucial and necessary equipment and supplies...When I was in Iraq, I drove a pickup truck that you could buy off the lot anywhere at any Chevrolet dealership, and that was our means of transportation—that was the vehicle that we fought out of. We modified our pick-up truck to try to become a war fighting machine. We put a stand in the back of it so we could mount a machine gun in the back of the truck...It's important to end this war...we have our young men and women caught up in a religious and civil war, and we're doing more harm than good."

daily kos and think progress are also hightlighting the videos- and oliver stone is going to turn the videos voted the best- by viewers- into a tv ad. check them out.


Undeniable Liberal said...

Great Post, thank you. Very moving.

Peacechick Mary said...

The vets should have the greatest voice in this decision to stay or leave Iraq. They know.