Wednesday, March 28, 2007

tagged eh?

spadoman has honored me with a mention at his place and has written a very nice reply to his tag. hmmmm.... let's see- i can't pick just five blogs- so what i will do is pick five i haven't highlighted yet and link to my previous highlights. i know what you mean spadoman- i would love to take hours and read every single one of the blogs on my sidebar because of the varied perspectives and ideas and thoughts. it's almost as good as my morning cuppa. :) so take a moment if you have one and enjoy these fine blogs- here and here:

neo-resistance- naj has an intellectual blog about many topics but i go there for open discussion of hot political topics. she has an insider's view of iran right now and i, unlike many of my fellow americans, want to know more about that area of the world- not to bomb it.

cat bites man- internet junkie has a way of taking strong topics and making them palatable. a fellow new yorker too!

time- time uses the political cartoon and his spot on commentary to make people think outside of the box. where he finds all of these mini art forms is beyond me- but i am glad that he does!

sew's spot- sew mouse tackles everyday life, politics and a variety of subjects with heart and humor. she has made me giggle out loud like a schoolgirl on several occasions!

Mccs1977- fred- fellow new yorker- and the gang take on culture, politics, war and whatnot in a format that reminds me of ed sullivan and his show- variety. it is a very cool set up over there for searching and finding whatever you are in the mood to read.


Frederick said...

Oh boy.


John Good said...

Hi, Betmo! After checking, it turns out I didn't have you linked - that has been corrected! =)

Peacechick Mary said...

thanks. I picked up a new blog here today.

dusty said...

aw shucks. I was gonna pick you but you already been tagged!

Your a great read Betmo :)

Sewmouse said...

Wow, thanks!

And here all along I just thought I was babbling nonsense into the ether. (I still do)

There's really nothing so rewarding for an "author" (yeah, right...*laugh*) to hear than that someone enjoys their ramblings and finds them worthwhile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Spadoman said...

Another job well done, Betmo. You're the top of the pizza!

Mary said...

So many good blogs. Just not enough time to read them all.

Time said...

Thanks for your endorsement of my blog. I should write more, but with limited time, I spend it reading great blogs like yours!

I have to admit to occasional depression about what goes on in our country, which makes my original writing, spotty. I find the cartoons often say in one image, what I feel about an issue.

I learn from you to write more, no matter how depressed I get about the lunacy going on in our government.

I admire your determination to write everyday no matter what. Keep up the great writing you do everyday.