Wednesday, March 28, 2007

one of life's moments

i debated on whether or not i should share- but i really feel compelled because, quite frankly, i don't want to write about war or politics or greed or the world imploding today. no- today i am going to write about longevity. i don't have the magic secret to a long life and i am not hiding the fountain of youth- i have no idea what allows someone or something to live a long life. i know that i am living life with a different attitude and looking at it in a different light these days- and if you really want to know the secret of a long life- you can ask my bar of lava soap. yes, that's right- my husband and i have had the same bar of soap sitting on our bathroom sink for years. he is convinced it has been 10 years but i think it might be a bit less. for us to have forgotten- and to have had the damned bar of soap that long- i feel- is a testament to our sheer laziness and unwillingness to get our hands dirty. we both hate to have dirty hands- which i guess is paradoxical to the longevity of our lava soap. we keep the soap for special purposes- ground in dirt; car grease- that sort of thing. sigh. now that i am composting and gardening- i have a feeling that the soap is coming to the end of its days. all in all not a bad end. i think i like the smell of spring- and lava soap.


Peacechick Mary said...

I think you should frame it under glass as an anthropological treasure.

dawn said...

Is it the same bar or have you replaced it. I never heard of such a thing

Sornie said...

Impressive feat for a bar of soap but I am on the same bottle of shampoo going on three years -- and yes I use it every day.

Daniel said...

The English, of course, only shower once a week, so soap lasts them a long, long time. But your lava soap is interesting.

Obviously its genes were strong. It had survival on its mind. Perhaps it wanted to be entered into some book of records, make a place in history for itself. It didn't get itself into a lather about the future. It just was. When someone asked, "Where's the soap?" it didn't answer.

I look forward to hearing more about your bar of soap. Is it nuke-proof?


betmo said...

dawn- no- same bar of soap. we got it when hubby drove buses. apparently, we haven't gotten our hands dirty since- or we've worn gloves :)

daniel- nuke proof? hope we don't have to find out. are you kidding about the shower thing? the rest of the world is a different culture- so being insulated from anything other than capitalistic cleanliness- i am just not sure :)