Sunday, March 25, 2007

head's up

Intrepid Flame: New Ways of Approaching The Doom

eye opening graphs and spot on commentary from bz- also check out the link on his post- one million blogs for peace- it's a network.

here's the link- one million blogs for peace to end the iraq war


Intrepidflame said...

Hey Betmo,

I am writing a new series that I hope your readers may enjoy. I know you are great about promoting other blogs, and you have been great about sharing my work, but I wanted to ask you and your readers to become active participants in my new series. I think it is an important step toward a lasting peace.

Peacechick Mary said...

I'm glad more people are getting the word about One Million Blogs for Peace. Intrepid is right, we need ideas. We need new thought and new ways to approach the world.

Anonymous said...

I find our priorities totally screwed up when it comes to defense spending. 50% of discretionary outlays? 20% of a $2.7T budget. The mind boggles.

C-dell said...

this seems really good. I am checking it out now.

Brother Tim said...

Thanks for the link. Great idea, I signed on.