Monday, March 12, 2007

environmental monday

this is a good sign:

hunters/fishers worried about environment

there have been many groups who have been conservation minded- my friend's husband used to belong to ducks unlimited and made gorgeous carvings to raise money towards conservation. it was a privilege to watch him work.

i am planning to put in some flower beds and also try my hand at growing some tomatoes and peppers this season- so i thought i might try composting also. there were several great links- and many folks who have yards probably know the basics. i have never composted- mulched but not composted--and i live where i don't have a yard. there are ways to compost in urban environments and i decided to start there. it is just my husband and i so we aren't going to be generating much- although i have a feeling that i may be surprised. :) anyhoo- if you are interested- google composting. i will give the link for an idea on urban composting. give it a try!

i opted against the worm composting for a couple of reasons- i don't dig worms and i don't know what i would do if i had too many. worms aren't like friendship bread :)

you grow girl!

how to compost

163 things to compost


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I can understand your aversion to worms, but they will help compost break down much quicker, with much less stink.

And they are very valuable to the soil. They aerate it as they tunnel.

Peacechick Mary said...

It's a good thing for the earth that you are doing. Enriching the soil and helping it to be fruitful - sorta like giving vitamins. We do composting and the worms do help. Here's a teeny composter: Put a couple of banana skins in a large jar of water; seal it with lid and set that in a sunny spot. After a week, you can pour the liquid directly on plants. You'll have bigger, healthier plants. Anyone can do that one no matter where they live.

pissed off patricia said...

Now we're talking about the good stuff. Mary, I am going to give your banana water a shot just as soon as I pick up some bananas.

dawn said...

Man, I wish I had room to compost and grow a garden. My aunt has a big house upstate where I used to spend alot of time and she taught me everything about gardens. I can even turn over the soil. But really plant blueberrys then you can have fresh blueberry pancakes all year

InternetJunkie said...

It looks like the media is finally waking up.

About time.

betmo said...

dawn, honey- i am going to grow my stuff in pots on the porch- and compost out of a rubber maid bin- small scale- but i am going to give it a try. i will definitely spread the word about the banana water!!

betmo said...

internet junkie- some of the media, yes. alas, hate media, aka the limbaugh, hannity, etc. crowd are decrying global warming as simple climate change ant that this whole 'scare' is being perpetrated by "liberals from around the world in order to raise taxes for their programs." heard that gem on limbaugh today. i guess he thinks that it is a vast left wing conspiracy that oceans are rising and glaciers are melting. maybe he'll give a damn when his fat ass is floating out to sea- he lives in florida.

Donnie McDaniel said...

I've been thinking of growing something this year. Anything I do has to be done out of pots. Maybe some peppers and stuff.

Coffee Messiah said...

If you can get "spent" coffee grounds (used from am espresso machine) and add to your soil, everything grows abundantly. Yes, as someone mentioned you'll get worms, but they are helpful in making your garden grow and soil enriched! ; )