Tuesday, February 20, 2007

imagine that...

a pharmaceutical company behind the push for a mandatory vaccine. huh.

mccain courts the evangelical wing of the rethug party. huh.

anti-terror case data flawed. huh.

as "coalition forces" move out- cheney and company up the ante for war #3 in iran. huh.

mccain on rumsfeld- "worst ever."- huh- no kidding.

and- britney has entered rehab.


Sornie said...

Sounds like you googled the word "duh". Good stuff indeed.

msliberty said...

ROFL over what Sornie said!

A.Anfinson said...

Great Post!

When does the meteor come and speed up this downward spiral?

Elizabeth said...

corporations are behind everything - not just vaccines. everything is about $.