Wednesday, February 21, 2007

any lingering doubts...

about the invasion and general fucking up of iraq- read the latest from baghdad burning

then tell me again what exactly we are doing- 'cause it is getting real hard for me to tell if we are doing anything other than funneling money somewhere. where? don't ask me- ask the bushling.


SadButTrue said...

What exactly are you doing in Iraq? That's easy - you're fighting against human rights over there so you don't have to have any over here.

Peacechick Mary said...

I am at a loss to make any sense out the whole debacle. We are watching insanity at the highest levels unfold.

C-dell said...

I don't know the real reason why we are there. It is a real mess screwed up from the git go.

Undeniable Liberal said...

That was very difficult to read.

Spadoman said...

When I was drafted and in training, we were told of the grave threat that we were fighting. Communists from the north wanted to take over the south of vietnam and we were the forces that could not allow that to happen.

The training stopped way short of anything that resembled helping people be free. Our teachings were how to kill, how to survive booby traps and land mines. How to hold and separate towns people as we passed through the villages.

We were taught how to set up ambush patrols and where the hooches were where a GI can buy some rice rolls, Ice blocks, trinkets to send home and poon tang.

They never taught us how to save them from communism, or even what communism was. Just told us it's bad and we must fight it.The ones attacking us were believing in Communism, and they were bad.

Nothing about their culture, nothing about their geography, history or the people themselves and what they wanted. Just go there and kill. Kill anyone that brandishes a weapon.

After ovr 58,000 of our side was dead, they finally said it was over and we fled Vietnam under the guise of "the Vietnamese army is now ready to defend itself."

They tumbled in 1975, almost instantly after we left. We could have had the same outcome years leter and only had 4000 names on the wall.

Ask for peace now. Demand it and be relentless with your voices.


pissed off patricia said...

sadbuttrue, said it all.

Actually we are creating hell in Iraq just for the hell of it.....oh, and the oil too.