Wednesday, January 10, 2007

quack, quack, quack

yep- the more things change- the more they don't

"Bush's strategy ignored key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, which in December called for a new diplomatic offensive and an outreach to Syria and Iran. Instead, he accused both countries of aiding terrorists and insurgents in Iraq. "We will disrupt the attacks on our forces," Bush said. "We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria."

bush rhetoric hard to square with facts


Laurie said...

More of the same old. Now, the question becomes, will the Dems put their money where their collective mouths are?

DivaJood said...
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DivaJood said...

That was weird - I typed my comment, and instead, a comment that I'd posted at SB Gypsy's showed up. But what I actually typed was this:

I am really effing tired of Bush's speechafyin ways - does he really believe we are that stupid anymore?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Whatever he says in his speeches, they all mean the same thing: "I'm doing this my way, and F you!"

Iran or Syria either one, can "surge" 20,000 troops in a day! And now I see he's into Somalia.

His is a religious war, "ordained by God." a crazy son of a bitch, literally!!

QUASAR9 said...

Another 20,000 US troops being sent to stabilize Baghdad?
But I thought Baghdad was stable.

Support from Britain but no more British Troops. Did you know 3000 British Troops have 'deserted' and gone awol since Gulf War II started

These are not 'cowards' - they just didn't believe all the bull, and they were even less convinced that they were needed.

Saddam was a cruel dictator, but there was Peace in Iraq. So how does Bush & The US aim to restore Peace & Order without yet more brutality & oppression

Donnie McDaniel said...

People continue to come out against this, and yet this moron really thinks he can pull off a hail mary pass. There is no end in sight with that crew. He will not end this war, but pass it on to someone else to deal with.

As you start to see others like Britain calling for troop reductions, you can see it plain as day, the war is lost. Bush is to blame. More troops will only mean more deaths. It is a civil war for crying out loud!!!!!

betmo said...

well, q- that is a fine, fine question. i don't believe that the cheney admin plans anything other than making more profits and leaving the mess to the next group of folks. i think that that was the plan all along.