Saturday, January 13, 2007

puzzling questions

my mom has been concerned over the illegal mexican folks who were rounded up at swift plants all over the midwest last month. indeed, one does wonder what happened to them. so, i thought i would try and find out- as news reports at the time said that they were being dispersed to the ambiguous 'processing centers' for evaluation and whatnot. so, i didn't find much- in fact, i still can't account for all of them.

"Tim Counts, an ICE spokesman, said about two dozen workers were released from the Worthington, Minn., plant the day of the raid. About 25 workers at the Greeley, Colo., plant were released, as were 27 workers from the Grand Island, Neb., plant, all of whom either had dependent children or were pregnant, he said.

He didn't know how many had been released for humanitarian reasons since the day of the raid or how many were released from plants raided in Cactus, Texas; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Hyrum, Utah.

"It was decided on a case-by-case basis," Counts said."

for those folks who don't know what ICE is let me give you an eye opening link- ENDGAME

what i do know is that many are being brought up on charges. i also know that ICE is being taken to court for their handling of the whole 'raid.'

now, another question that i have is really a two pronged one: why are we raiding and rounding up these illegal folks when we are using federal dollars to build a multi-million dollar superhighway connecting mexico with canada? and- why then are we using federal dollars to build at least 700 miles of a proposed 2,000 mile wall on the america-mexico border? does anyone else but me see the problem here?

so- if anyone can answer any of these questions for mom and me- we would be obliged.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Betmo, TB (Tony Blair) is on his last legs and will be departing soon
He made his most pathetic speech to date as a warmonger
"The enemy (global terrorism) is growing and it will take a generation or more to win the war. We need a military nit only to keep the peace, but prepared to make war"
So he's effectively admitted that his action in Iraq did not make the world a 'safer place'

He wants to be remembered in history as the man who took Britain to war in Kosovo, oversaw the break-up of Yugoslavia, invaded Afghanistan & Iraq with the US in Gulf War II.
He's a megalomanic & warmongering napoleon or thin churchill, trying to get written into the history books of war on the tail skirts of the US President & the USAF.

About Africa? - nothing
About hunger & poverty? - nothing
About climate change? - more hot air
About the country? - he is the best prime minister the British conservatives never had, the divide between the haves (the wealthy) and the have nots (those in debt to the wealthy) has grown.
He's privatised University Education
He's privatised Health care & the nhs
He's privatised One million Council homes. No, not those sold to upwardly mobile council tenants at a discount, but wholesale stock transfers of Council (Public) Housing to private Housing Associations for a tenth of the market price.

QUASAR9 said...

Well you did ask - for a synopsis lol!

oh and just to finish off, apparently the police and home office have revealed there are over 200 criminals convicted abroad, with records for child abuse, on the lose in Britain - and the Home Office cannot confirm they are not working with children or vulnerable adults

Other than that
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Bet and Mom,

Wish I had the answers this morning, but I just don't.


betmo said...

q- sounds like your country is resembling mine. sorry about that. i know that you know that there are millions of us here working to get our crap government back in line. i can only assume the same is happening with you. keep the faith. my thought is that it will take at least a generation to get this mess cleaned up- and probably beyond that.

beth- i don't either really.

C-dell said...

They are playing us. They claim that they want protect american job, but when money is involved they change their opinions.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You never had "Show and Tell" when you were in school? "Look, America! We're doing something about the illegal immigration problem!!" And the American attention span being what it is....fifteen minutes later they forget there is a problem, only that the price of chicken went up two cents a pound, and they're pissed!!

enigma4ever said...

Nicole over on Crooks&Liars worked on the same issue today....and she has good links..but it is very troubling...very.

( BTW Spado finished his story over at teh Enigma Cafe and it is very good...come on over)

LPF said...

"ICE is a key component of the DHS “layered defense” approach to protecting the nation."

Okay, that speaks volumes to me! Any thing that has to do with the DHS is looney!!!! A La FEMA!

just me said...

Didn't they have a wall like that between East and West Germany? Removeable aliens? As apposed to permanately affixed aliens?Stakeholders? What, are they taking bets on this crap? Expedited removal at the border? Doesn't that mean, no you can't come in, so turn around and go back home? God, where does this shit come from?

rhinoceros said...

A fence? wow, didn't know that.

>>>Environmental groups lost the case when the Department of Homeland Security invoked a law exempting it from federal and state regulations in the interest of national security.

But things like the above sicken me -
changing the laws at will.

AlaskaBaby said...

LPF, I believe "layers" is the operative word here.

betmo, I'd like to know what has happened to them all as well.

I don't believe for a moment that these raids were conducted for the betterment of america. Like you said, it just doesn't flow, there are too many contradictions going on here.

Professor Zero said...

Sometimes I wish I didn't have another job, so that I could devote myself to putting all of the pieces together on this and related stories, figure it all out. Great links in this post, though. Thanks.