Friday, January 12, 2007

where to start?

well, the good news is that since the new congress has taken over- there is an explosion of news to comment on- or lack of decent coverage to comment on. let me start first with an update on our buddy spocko over at spocko's brain. it seems melanie morgan et al has their collective panties in a wad and has threatened (gasp) to do an open show devoted to addressing the issue. isn't that just adding more fuel to the fire? i mean please. limbaugh, hannity and all of the rest of hate radio use the same tactics. they host these shows full of misogynistic, racist, and hate-filled rhetoric- and then act all hurt and defensive because the objects of their rancor don't get the "joke." enough. if you can't stand the heat folks- stay out of the grownup's kitchen.

on to the foreign front- well, there were protests galore(see previous post) and apparently, bush's ratings are at an all time low- 32% or so. go figure. you blatently ignore your constituency in favor of your own gain- and that's what happens. guess that's why none of the major networks carried the democrat's rebuttal to the lies- oh i mean new plan- that our esteemed figurehead laid out. probably didn't help that condi got her ass handed to her yesterday at the first set of congressional hearings. probably the first time she and peter pace actually had questions asked of them by congress. speaking about the middle east, we continue to screw up things over there on a regular basis- so much so that israel is talking to china about options. the arab folks really, really don't care for the western way of dealing with things- so my suggestion is- let them handle it themselves. we have no business sticking our nose in anyway (more on this in another post).

on the domestic front- let's see... retailers posted a .9% profit for the holidays. is that good? don't know. i do know that homelessness is on the rise and the income inequality gap is widening. i don't know if that has in any way directly contributed to the demise of bill o'reilly's standing with his peers. but apparently, these folks are ganging up on poor bill.

on the home front, i got my hair 'highlighted' yesterday and my hairdresser(who i have been going to for years and gives a kick ass haircut) over cooked me. now, i am blonde. while i realize you all don't know what my regular hair color is- mousy brown- let's just suffice to say that my husband can pretend that he is married to someone else :) should be interesting. i don't feel any differently- so i think that the dumb blonde myth is busted :)


Peacechick Mary said...

Oh, I get to be first today. Wow! That was a better summary of the news than I get on TV. Well done, Betmo. sorry about the hair, but I'll bet your hubby will enjoy his new wife. You'll have to look up some dumb blonde jokes for tonight's supper.

dawn said...

They say blondes have more fun. I am brunette and I have alot of fun. It's always good to make a change. Anyway have a great weekend
love ya

Donnie McDaniel said...

Great post and summary Blondmo.

thepoetryman said...

Great post.

Don't forget that America has not been attacked since the new congress took control!


C-dell said...

Yes, a lot is going on. This is a very interesting time to live in. History will remember this time a a pivitol point in not only american history, but world history.

C-dell said...

Hello, I was wondering if you would like to join the Rouge Gallery. It means that I will link you. I will go ahead a do it, but if you have any objections. I will remove the link.

betmo said...

go ahead and link away! :)