Thursday, January 04, 2007

morning cuppa

i was tooling around the ole linkroll this morning- and i decided to mosey over to the big brass alliance. actually, i am still there watching the link roll go round and round. no idea how gary pulled it off- but it is kind of mesmerizing (especially before the first cup of coffee). anyhoo, i started thinking about all of the group blogs that i link to- and all of the big blogs that everyone links to- and looking at the names wind around and around- i thought- wow! yes, not very profound- but i haven't had a second cup yet. this is why there is hope for this country and this planet. there are lots of folks connected and harnessing that power should be the goal. we can do it!!!

my one regret is that i don't have the time to read everyone's blog daily- because there is some good stuff out there. people writing yes- but people doing too. in their own communities and on the national level. let us resolve this new year- to keep doing stuff. pick a spot and go with it- lord knows the right has given us many choices- and so has the left.


pissed off patricia said...

First I want to tell you that your flower avatar is so very pretty. When I look at it, it makes me smile.

You can focus before your second cup of coffee? Well damn, good for you :)

Donnie McDaniel said...

The people you see on the blogrolls are amazing. It's funny how many have a lot of the same links. And some are not. It is a very powerful tool we have if we were to act together.

Off Topic: Holy Joe had his party highjacked! HAHA!! I just found out about it and posted on it. A critic came in and voted himself as the chairman. A Dem critic at that! Good thing no one in the GOP thought of it!

Carol Gee said...

Strangely, betmo, the blogosphere does feel like an actual community. It is a rather unnatural amalgam, connected by electrons and like-mindedness. But it sometimes makes me feel more "at home" than my own geographical area. You've inspired me to revisit some of my big blog favorites.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

agreeing with carol; yes, an actual community!

off topic: did you all see that dubya signed a bill on the 20th allowing them to read your mail under emergency situations?

Jump to the Left said...

Speaking of catching all the blogs I wish I could, your blog is looking great! I love how you've decorated!!


May it be a good one.

Peace and Justice in 2007!

Mike K said...

I think this whole blog thing is a great way to communicate our ideas. I hope we change a few minds here and there instead of just talking to ourselves. At any rate... it gives me hope that the world is headed in the right direction. Knowledge is power.