Thursday, December 07, 2006

same tired rhetoric

hopefully, the members of the iraq study group were well compensated because bush is declining to change much in his 'strategy' in iraq. he and blair had a press conference today and he didn't fare well against tough questions from foreign reporters. in fact, he was downright hostile. guess he isn't used to having to answer anything he doesn't want to. the bottom line- don't expect any change in our way of life or our government until at least 2008 when we can finally be rid of the adminstration.


enigma4ever said...

yeah his statergery is not going so well..and he did not fare well at the Press Conference....embarrassing and pathetic...and I can't wait for him to be tried as the war criminal that he is- if he thinks the Press was bad- wait until the War Tribunal Questions.

Donnie McDaniel said...

The horror of having to answer to someone is going to drive him nuts! Even more so than he is already. Gonna be a long 2 years to come. How much you wanna bet he goes into overdrive with the signing statements after the new majority takes over?

The scary part is that some people out there still support that imbecile. They are a very scary bunch of monsters in that group. Like the freepers, they took some headlines about the serial killer that was captured in my hometown and used it to spew hate on New orleans.

The stupid part of it is that the killer was not from NOLA. They just read the parts they wanted and started the hate. Not a big suprise that those are the types that still support the boy king. Monkey see, Monkey do.

Chuck said...

The double dumbass never fairs well when asked a question. He's always on the defense and always ready to "blow a gasket". He's a spoiled little rich brat that's been given the planet Earth as his playground and he's tearing it up quickly. Daddy's trying to bail him out by bringing in his Carlyle buddy Baker and junior is throwing a temper tantrum. He will remain defiant and arrogant to the end. That smirk is steadfast. He is a LIAR first. Look at that family- his siblings...all of their offspring...UNBELIEVABLE.

Anonymous said...

The British press takes no prisoners, unlike the MSM whores in this country. Best of all, W couldn't snort, bully and threaten, because they would have looked at him and said; "Did you think you were talking to somebody that gives a shit?"

And I'm afraid Donnie Mcdaniel just laid out Bush policy for the next two years.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a long two years, indeed. Congress had better find its way, because governance must go on, somehow. Our current president does not know how to do it, just as he does not know how to do much of anything. The voters chose badly, and the count went wrong . . . TWICE! Ugh.