Friday, December 08, 2006

open thread commentary-leadership

leadership- grownups- responsibility- haven't seen that in a long time and there don't seem to be any current models of such. from our current government nationally and local- to parents with offspring- to coaches on a field- where have all of the grownups gone? leadership takes more than just vision. it takes responsibility and maturity. i am not optimistic about the state of affairs in america. we are a badly broken country and it isn't because of the piss poor leadership we have had for the last 6 years in the exec branch or the last 12 in the legislature- it is the lack of leadership among we, the people, that is disheartening. i felt this way after my state and local governments used the same pattern of arrogance and smear tactics that the national crew did in the recent elections. national is far away and untouchable some how but the local folks are your neighbors. the former mayor of binghamton lives up the street from me. i thought- we are doomed.

anyhoo- didn't want to get morose and gloomy in the middle of december. especially since the winter solstice is nearing. :) leadership takes the ability to think abstractly, flexibly, and about more than your own interests. it takes more than charisma or good looks and is about more than being re-elected every few years. leadership is about leading. leadership is about teaching. leadership is about taking people where they need to be and getting them there safely. leadership is about not always doing what you want but what is best for others. it is about being selfless with boundaries. parents in america are not doing this. elected officials are not doing this. ceos are not doing this. our culture as a whole has lost its way. as a good blog buddy of mine says- talk the talk but do you walk the walk? it isn't enough to sit and read my words and nod grimly in agreement. ask yourself- am i part of the problem? can i make changes in my daily life and become more involved in my local community- or even in my home or at work? one person at a time making changes and making a difference. can you do it?


Time said...

AMEN !!! Thanks for saying it! Adults in this country need to grow up and stop being so selfish.

Peacechick Mary said...

I think when people are true to themselves and have no outside interests buying them off, then they are often considered real leaders. Most people are so confused, they don't know what they believe anymore.