Wednesday, December 20, 2006

piss poor governing

imagine my surprise as i went tooling about the news recently- something i have been limiting myself with because of my low tolerance for stupidity and corruption- and found that the pentagon wants to spend over $125 million for a posh new tribunal courthouse in guantanamo bay. apparently, providing adequate supplies to our troops in iraq and afghanistan- as well as medical care for our wounded here in the states- isn't a top priority for the bush administration or the republican members of congress. they tried to sneak it in without debate you see. not to mention that the whole secret prisons thing isn't really legal. just because bush says it is- doesn't make it so.

the other thing that stymied me- is why the american people continue to watch utility rates and gas prices take over their budgets. there are plenty of alternative fuel sources out there to implement or even explore. why aren't we? oil and gas companies want to squeeze every last profit out of us that they can- while getting in on the ground floor of the developing alternatives. i am sure that they are going to milk every last drop of federal grant money for research into avenues that are less promising than others. i personally think we should explore this option: south korea uses garbage as fuel. i mean we produce more garbage in one day than many places in the world ever. my question is- why aren't we exploring these avenues? it is going to take years to implement anything we have right now. the earth may not have that long.


Coffee Messiah said...

It's their "forward thinking" don't ya know? ; (
Besides, why spend our money here and fix things in the states like education, wages, jobs, etc, etc, when you can squander money elsewhere?
I'm reading: Imperial Life In The Emerald City, Inside Iraqs Green Zone and I'm more convinced now that Bush et al should be held accountable on so many levels for waste of Money/Life they should never be allowed free or to walk freely ever again.
What a sad state affairs, and I'm with you, how can this be????

Mary said...

How about sending that money down to NOLA? Jeesh!

jovial_cynic said...

yeah... South Korea has a few good energy management plans in place - a lot of their cars run on natural gas instead of gasoline, too. Of course -- with their import taxes on gasoline, the citizens are paying upwards $8 per gallon, so it makes sense that they'd be eager to look for alternative fuel sources. I think Americans are less fond of high taxes, though, and would complain about that more than the lack of alternative fuel sources here.

Anonymous said...

The prime motivation is the almighty profits for the select few. With the technology that our great country is capable of, it astounds me that we can't develop a viable alternative energy source.

Time said...

If that makes you mad, wait til you hear what the President had to say today about war. Now I'm depressed.

Anonymous said...

extreme urgency! Our nat'l security depends upon it!

Are they hoping this chicken little strategy will shut down reasonable thoughtful reaction?

"no time to think people, we've got an emergency on our hands!"

Good article on Korea's energy solution. Here in the U.S., environment and pocket-book friendly innovations are the devil!

Here's an idea that might strike fear in the hearts of this administration:

growing your own automobile

"They say that by using the right combination of bio-based materials, a mid-size “Agri-Car” could be 90 percent biodegradable, could be 1,000 pounds lighter and contribute to a fuel efficiency of at least 70-80 miles per gallon."

Peacechick Mary said...

I wonder if the amount of garbage we create is in direct relationship with the amount of garbage in the White Souse. This administration is the biggest all time waster of money.

spadoman said...

The trash you take, is equal to the trash you make.

No, maybe that was "Love"
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