Friday, December 01, 2006

open thread- family values

what is it with americans and 'family values?' what the hell are family values anyway is what i would like to know? most folks i know don't seem to have the traditional kind- and it isn't because gay folks are bringing us down either. when i hear the words family values, the cleaver family comes to mind. the second thing that comes to mind- it is a fantasy. every family is different because every person is different- and actual people make up families. i know that that will come as a surprise to the evangelical folks. they have this fairy tale image of the way life is supposed to be: dad kissing the family on his way to work after morning bible reading; mom putting on her apron and chucking junior number 5 into the playpen; muffy, buffy, joe, and biff off to christian school in their uniforms- all smiles and no cursing or dreaded rap music to be heard. fantasy. real life is messy. people have stress and problems to solve and folks don't always like each other. as a culture, we here in america do not raise our children in the old fashioned way. we are overly indulgent; overly permissive and prefer to treat our offspring as peers rather than grow up and be the parent. so, it comes as no surprise that our baby boomer president has had trouble with his own two offspring. first the wild parties and underage boozing while in college- and now the fiasco that was their trip to south america. no sense of responsibility or care for folks who are looking out for them. i would think that if you know that the entire world is watching you- because you are 1) the offspring of the most disliked president america has ever had and 2) you are in south america where you aren't as well liked as hugo chavez- well i would think that you would be mindful of your actions. as for george w.- well, his dad is proud of him. for what? i don't know. i guess it is something parents feel obligated to be once they give birth. my suggestion to the bush family- don't try to impose your 'christian' values on the rest of america. we are screwing up enough kids as it is.


dawn said...

Well I see your in a good mood today. Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

B, back when I was working for pay,I knew a group of elder women who all belonged to a close-knit senior citizen center. They amounted to a kind of "family." They called each other to make sure they had survived the night, visited each other at the hospital, and attended funerals as they came up. I was never sure, but I think some of them preferred to stay in that neighborhood, rather than go to live an isolated and dependent life near one of their far-away adult children. I just loved that circle of feisty very connected women.
I am glad my kids grew up decades ago. And I feel blessed that they live within driving distance now. Life was a bit simpler back then. Have a good weekend!

Peacechick Mary said...

My daughter has a bumper sticker that says, "Torture, not my family value". That pretty well sums up the lying pile of poo poo president and his Rethug buddies - Dad, the torturer. Well done, Beth.

Professor Zero said...

Today in one sophomore level class we were discussing a story in which a middle school child goes to play at a schoolmate's house. A snack is served, and the two children eat with the host child's mother, at the table; Mom makes polite conversation, asking the other boy about himself, drawing him out, as he is a slightly shy child and as is the first time her son has brought this boy home.

Many of the students thought this mother was "after something," coming on to the boy, etc. They said, "But we wouldn't eat at a table or have have adults make conversation with us."

Decline of civility, har har, I must be getting old.

Anonymous said...

dad kissing the family on his way to work after morning bible reading; mom putting on her apron and chucking junior number 5 into the playpen; muffy, buffy, joe, and biff off to christian school in their uniforms- all smiles and no cursing or dreaded rap music

Yeah. That' the for public consumption version. Actually, the real version's more like this:

Mommy cowers against the wall, cradling her broken arm, as Daddy roars out "where's my Breakfast? The children sneak sullenly past him, to huddle with Mommy in the kitchen, black eyes, streaks of dried blood still on their bodies, a lingering memory of the beating they also took, as they rushed to their Mommy's side, trying to get Daddy to stop beating her.

Been there. Lived it. Saw it. Too many times.

And "Family Values" is code speak for redefined morality to suit their twisted purposes.

Donnie McDaniel said...

This post is spot on Betmo. The "Family Values" crowd of Bush and friends is a farce. When I was growing up, we ate at the table as a family. Those days are long gone now.

I just posted on another GOP pervert that got busted while trying to hook up with a 13 year old girl online! What he thought was a girl ended up being a cop. Sound familiar? Those a$$clowns wouldn't know family values if it bit them in the a$$!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I do not know why any political party would think they were elected to instill values, judge values, or anything else like that. If they want to work towards restoring families who are poor, who have problems, through good, solid social programs, that is one thing, but to think they should legislate family values is nuts.

Anonymous said...

You got it, Pursey. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Hey b, sorry I have been away. Thanks for the emails. It is nice to know you were thinking about me.

Been working on end of semester stuff AND I will be going to winterschool! can ya believe it? M-F for 3.5 hrs a day. But it is my last elective and I want to get it out of the way so I can focus on my core classes in the spring (which looks like it might be my toughest semester yet.)

Family values, the right does not know the meaning of the concept. Married couples are now less than 50%. Not saying that is good or bad, just that you, my dear b, are right. There is no one definition anymore.

You are right about bushie also. I don't think he instilled any responsibility in his kids because he did not know how. I still remember his debates with Kerry. He did not take criticism well. I do not think he ever received any growing up. He probably just threw tempter tantrums like he did on TV when he was challenged or did not get his way.

Also may be why he refused to 'change' course in Iraq. He thinks he's always right. He is definitely right-wing but he is very seldom right!

have a great sunday, b!