Thursday, November 30, 2006

this is why i am not a republican

newt gingrich versus the constitution

thanks to bob cesca


well, limbaugh- self-proclaimed 'voice of the right' on his public radio show not only declared recently that the middle east should just "blow themselves up"- but today he proceeded to call the middle eastern folks- iraqis in particular- "animals." he said that basically they destroy everything that we, apparently white western 'christian' folk try to put into place- and that it is like "trying to humanize animals." he is currently broadcasting as i type this- so i will update with citations as soon as i can. he also told chuck shumer that "reaganism isn't dead." as if that's a threat. well, if bigotry, ignorance, intolerance, prejudice and just plain being a horrible person is a pre-requisite into this branch of the republican party- count me out. i stand by any folks on the right who are fighting against this bullshit.

oh- and here's an update of bush's fiasco- i mean visit- to the middle east. the iraqi president didn't really want to meet with him apparently, but did eventually do so after standing him up.


Mike K said...

Rush is quite a sick man and not worth the outrage. Blowing up the world is not a solution!

I personally think that we need to leave Iraq ASAP. It was never our business to be there. The longer we stay the more damage we will cause for them and us.

The Iraqi people will have to find some way to work out their differences peacefully. If they don't well... (shrug). I don't know. You can't force people who hate each other to get along. The best you can hope for is to divide the country into 3 parts and be done with it.

I hate to be heartless, but the USA has to focus on ourselves for awhile. We have some serious problems in this country that we need to solve: unemployment, health care, poverty, trade deficit, education, etc...

betmo said...

and the fact that there is a significant percentage of the population who are racists, bigots, homophobes, ignorant, and on and on. there is a significant amount of the american people who feel that anyone who isn't a wasp is an 'animal.' that is a problem. especially when they are running our country.

Frederick said...

Navyswan had a good post about this yesterday:

War on speech?

Sarah said...

There is a new children's book out that compares illegal immigrants to weeds in a beautiful garden. At the end a "benevolent master" plucks them all out. What a message to send children, eh?

"I hate to be heartless, but the USA has to focus on ourselves for awhile. We have some serious problems in this country that we need to solve: unemployment, health care, poverty, trade deficit, education, etc..."

I agree 100 percent. We need to stop saving the world and try to save ourselves!

Human said...

When we have a Government for and BY the People, we just may have a chance of cleaning up our own back yard.

ps. - Hi betmo. Been a bit busy. Looks like some Good New People are coming by. I posted about our trip, ifin you want a read.


Sewmouse said...


When the very FIRST ACT that someone performs upon entering my country is to break the law, I do not think that person should be in my country.

I disagree with you, Dear. There are sufficient means to enter this country in a legal manner in place. Simply refusing to use them because they are inconvenient is no excuse.

Murder can be justified too using the "well, I wanted to do xyz, and it was too hard because he was in my way, so I killed him" defense.

Yes, it takes some effort to enter legally. Tough toenails. 1000's of folks do it every year.

Removing the "weeds" is a good thing.

Anonymous said...


Wow! This guy is so loved by most of the people I knew before I left the church...good people, overall.

I'm in shock!!!

I am saying, the same people who enjoy freedom of religion might well be the main supporters of this - and, these are his words - "new kind of democracy."

How strange. What makes these people, (if Christians support that guy) think they will not be next?

Down a dark alley we walk...


Sarah said...

Sewmouse, my only gripe with the book is telling children that the only way to get rid of illegal immigrants is through genocide. It wasn't a broad argument for illegal immigration.

betmo said...

ann, i have wondered that myself. i agree completely that we are headed for "the valley of the shadow of death."

Trailady said...

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most arrogant radio personalities I ever heard back in the 90's. He makes some good points, but I couldn't stomach the attitude. He may have changed since, but I just never had a desire to listen to him anymore. He was very insulting a lot of the time. I remember he would often say, "Come on people, do I have to spell it out for ya?"

I'm a big girl and fairly intelligent, I don't need any radio guy telling me how to vote or live my life.

Anonymous said...

That's the *only* reason why you are not a repub?

Oh, dear b. I can think of so so many more!

your iq,
your tact,
your ethics,
your pursuit of justice and equality (for others as much as for yourself)

ok, some of those were not nice I know. bad shawn bad bad.